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The last time we got on a plane has begun a discussion about the role and development of the figure of hostesses or stewardesses or, you prefer. In the collective imagination it still plays a role worthy of fantasy, though destroyed by the reality, because rising the retirement age and lowering requirements. A great achievement to the dignity and the rights of women, but a blow to the fantasies of every male on the planet.
We just have to hold on to many films on the subject. The hostesses or stewardesses, if you prefer, in short skirts that show the underwear and have sex with several passengers. One of these episodes is a 1971 film which tells the story of Christa, played by the statuesque Birte Tove, that hides nothing, absolutely nothing, to the viewer. Danish and American co-production of a certain Jack O'Connell, which adds to the freedom of Northern Europe costumes, the feelings and dramas of the main character, putting also a comic relief: an Italian, surprised, embarrassed and admired by such great nakedness, between a "mama mia" and another.

What O'Connell wants to tell us is unclear. On the one hand the hostesses appear to us libertine and beautiful girls who work and have sex. Already at the airport while some of them caress a dog, they show us the underwear under their short skirts. They live also in a community where all goes around quite naked.
. But on the other hand, the director pushes on the bit 'sad life of the protagonist of Christa, with a child entrusted to her mother and the dream of finding the true love. We could say that O'Connell takes the sexploitation and art films, mixing in a trivial way, however, serious and humorous, and making great use of clichés on the hostess and on the women of the Northern Europe. “Christa” staying in the middle of two genres that diminish any attempt that had in mind the director.
Many boobs and Birte Tove who walking around naked here and there, a great view we have to admit, but the whole thing becomes, minute by minute, a slow and inexorable boring story. The comic relief with Italian character does not raise the destiny of this movie just like the little twist at the end.
O'Connell still does things right. He pays a great tribute to the Danish capital and to the bodies of the actress often show in pop ambient. The actors perform their task well, nothing special, but appropriate to the circumstances. With the beautiful Birte Tove there is an experienced cast including Baard Owe, Clinton Greyn and Daniel Gélin.
Further confusion in the American version titled "Swedish fly girls", changing the nation focusing on the apparently most talked country in terms of sexual freedom.