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Enemy Gold

Some things can be never forgotten. Among our first discoveries on internet in the mid-nineties, there was a certain Suzi Simpson, former Playmate of January 1992. Adorable, although her photos were slowly downloaded. A good memory, which re-emerges in this "Enemy Gold".
Christian Drew Sidaris sits behind the camera in place of Dad Andy, while Mom Arlene is the executive producer. The result is easy to guess, we face the specialties of Sidaris family, i.e. Bombs, Bullets and Babes in a "Triple B" that point all on the third "b".
Because if there is one thing that never fails, are the girls and to say it simply: the boobs. The plot is rather a secondary thing and not that Andy wrote great stories, but here they save further on the script.
Sidaris Jr. tries to follow the style of Playboy videos of the eighties and nineties, another beautiful memory of adolescence and to do so, he exploit in every way the lovely Suzi Simpson, shot as naked as possible, while she change clothes or she is taking the shower . With her there is Tanquil Lisa Collins, appeared naked on "Playboy" in 1991, before becoming shortly a screenwriter, to graduate and to manage a charity association. There is especially Julie Strain who comes direct from Penthouse and that from here becomes a star of the series and especially in the DVD presentations of "Andy Sidaris Collection", where she shows what you can imagine. Men's side there are no surprises with loyalists Bruce Penhall and Rodrigo Obregon.
The only difference between "Enemy Gold" and other improbable episodes of the series is that we start with a flashback set in the American Civil War, where some Confederate soldiers hiding a treasure in a forest.
Then we come back in the nineties and three federal agents are in that forest to stop an operation of drugs, organized by a certain Santiago (Rodrigo Obregon obviously). Their mission is successful, they find also the gold and have to face the henchmen of Santiago who is looking for revenge. And for henchmen we intend Julie Strain usually dressed in a skimpy top.
A decidedly weak script, among the worst of the genre, but it must be said that it is always nice to see again Suzi Simpson. The old loves never forget.