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Sonno Profondo

It’s difficult to talk about this movie. And if it is difficult, it means that it is a profound work, not trivial.
In fact, we are in Giallo’s genre, with a film that is inspired by the great masters (Dario Argento in particular) of the golden age of the genre. Violent murders and killer in leather gloves.
In fact, we are also faced with a job that exceeds the operation "revival" and focuses more on aesthetics and technique than on the plot. We must say that there is a story and is very complex but Luciano Onetti seems to want to look for beauty in each frame. And, in fact, he succeeds. Saturated colors, elegant camera movements, many citations, and above all very few words push "Deep Sleep" to be a very good exercise of style.

A strange movie, exciting, seductive, bizarre as much as the career of the director. Luciano Onetti was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires and approaches to the cinema relatively late and especially with intent rather amateur. With his brother, Nicolás develops a passion for Italian thriller/horror and consequently came the idea of doing something in the genre. With little money and doing quite everything his own (direction, photography, music, script and the role of the killer), he realized in his county in 2013 this debut film, whose script, as a further tribute, is written in Italian.
The extreme freedom of being an independent production allows Onetti brothers go where they please. And in fact, as already mentioned, they re-elaborate the aesthetics atmospheres of the genre showing the story from the killer's point of view and then turning in POV. A complicated story to summarize that has a great dramatic crescendo and above all a surprising ending that frames the excellent debut of the director.
The good reviews makes that "Deep Sleep" faces around the world in different Festival.