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Orazi-Curiazi 3-2

It seems written by an old member of Lega Nord a party that hates the South of Italy and completed by a member of the last generation of those who fuel hate free. In short, those who cannot write write it. Marcello Casco and Giorgio Mariuzzo the second author of other Italian sex comedies, and even the director of this film, try the genre of historical parody as a metaphor for contemporary society. That said so, it may seem a serious thing, but it is a sub genre that created in Italian films like "Nerone", "Remo and Romolo" by Pingitore and Castellacci, "Per Amore di Poppea" by Laurenti and by Vanzina in 1994. A considerable list of trash movies that here touches an embarrassing point, perhaps the lowest moment of all.
"Orazi-Curiazi 3-2" is also a film that wastes a great cast of actors: Gianni Agus, Lino Banfi, Enzo Cannavale, Elio Pandolfi supported by the presence of Ines Pellegrini, and the one of our beloved Gloria Guide here with a hairstyle that is the best part of a movie where she shows unfortunately little than usual.
A series of gags at the limit of joke and a production that seeks to give a semblance of Roman times with four things available to give life to a story that after 15’ became boring. The Orazi and Curiazi by Mariuzzo came from Rome and from Albalongobarda an industrious village of the North. On these socio-cultural differences, the director tries to build the aforementioned boring comic gags. If it were not for Gloria Guida in this film, there would be remaining nothing like the city that challenged Rome a time.