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From a movie that is called Muck, and that starts by placing a girl with a bra and one without it in some somewhat a swampy field, what to expect? Certainly not the revelation of the horror movies of recent years. More likely a movie that focuses on tits and ass, to catch the audience. After all the rookie director Steve Wolsh is graduated in economics at Georgetown, worked for years in this field and so is supposed he knows something about the business. That is, not lose money.
Tired of finance world Wolsh starts filmmaking and begins from horror and does so with a film, which he said is a blend of ultra violence, and overcoming the previous limits of the genre. He shot, he says, without the use of CGI using only stuntmen, to give more realism (and perhaps to save some money, we add).
Supported on Kickstarter with $ 266.325, and the first part of a trilogy of the director's newly formed production company, is a film that is not clear what it wants to be. A spoof to the genre. A horror film with serious intent.
For the first hypothesis is the ostentatious and often free presence of tits and ass (high quality must be said) with the presence of the 2012 Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg and for purely personal taste of the remarkable Stephanie Danielson, among the many scantily clad beauties. For the record, there is Kane Hodder, known face of horror movies. But above all, there is a certain play with the genre, including citations (Wes Craven becomes a place), excessive use of clichés, including those who go to the second floor to take a shower and who go alone in the basement. Things too obvious in 2017, to be taken seriously.
For the latter there are angry monsters, who love to rape and kill, there are all the dynamics that genre must have and a happy ending.
Therefore, we don’t understand the meaning of "Muck". In any case, it is funny or scary. At the beginning, we had believed it. The film begins in medias res, with the half-naked girl lost in a dark place, recovered by a group of friends, all scared, wounded, fleeing from something or someone. It follows group who go in a house without a phone, with a basement and a shower, and things begin to change. Worse. One of the guys goes to seek help, he ends in a MILF’s party (so to say because the actress is born in 1991 ... and is a Russian supermodel ...) and simply calls a friend instead of the police, the army and more. Therefore, they go to look for problems. The monsters meanwhile, undead or victims of a virus continue to grind victims with great passion.
Directed rather trivial does not raise the level of a work where the actors perform their task without much enthusiasm. Above all an amateur editing lowers even further the level of a film that looks more like a commercial for a company of female underwear than a horror or a parody of the same.