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Les Nuits brûlantes de Linda

Another journey into the madness and broken families for our Jesús Franco, who this time sets the story in Greece, between sun and Hellenic music. Actually, shot in Alicante "Les Nuits de brûlantes Linda" is an exercise in style, pointing more to the aesthetic of the images than to tell a story. A small and reliable cast, few external colored scenes and dark and sinister interior ones. However, the whole works only occasionally, and maybe it is the fault of the repetition of the theme or perhaps because not everything turns out as it should even to the best one. "Les Nuits de brûlantes Linda" with its good porn version doesn’t give us the pathos of a film like "Eugenie" or the anxiety of "La nuit des etoiles filantes" or the extreme provocation of "Lorna the exorciste" "Voodoo Passion" or "Doriana Grey". In addition, extending the concept there is not the horror of "Gritos En la Noche". In this film there is something missing, a lack a little 'filled by some suggestive moments of direction (backlight dialogue between the two protagonists), several games between light and dark, and as we said, an excellent cast who does his duty.

Alice Arno as well as being the narrator is a great shoulder of Lina Romay and Paul Muller the real protagonists of the story, although Linda of the title is not the beautiful Spanish actress. “Mais qui donc a viole Linda?”Is the book that Alice Arno is reading at the end of the film, a title that is a direct reference to the focus of the story, with Khunne, known pseudonym of Franco, which refers directly to "Gritos En la Noche".

The literature, as stated by Franco, is a source of inspiration. To be precise, the Spanish director cites James Joyce and his "Ulysses" with the introspective journey of the characters. Comparison perhaps exaggerated considering we're talking about a sexploitation but we must say in his defense that "Les Nuits de brûlantes Linda" is a product by ''Eurocine" that certainly point more commercial aspect, than intellectual for its films.

A circular structure suspended between dream and reality tells us the story of Marie-France (Alice Arno) which flies from Paris to Greece to assist Linda, the paralytic daughter of the rich Paul Steiner (Paul Muller) who becomes Radeck, in the American version. However, in the house there is also Olivia (Lina Romay) nymphomaniac nephew of Mr.Radeck/Steiner. Complete the family a dumb butler. The arrival of Marie-France seems to blow up the dark psychological aspect of the characters and reveals the many sinister aspects of Radeck/Steiner family. Reduced to an extras Linda a (Veronica Llimera) leaves all the eroticism to the couple Arno/Romay who naturally does not disappoint.