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I Paranoidi

If you forget the pill you know what happens then. Distress, fear, discomfort. Repetitive situations. If you forget the pill you know what happens then. Paranoia.
The madness around us every day. We have to live with, whether we like it or not. And this is the basic message, as they say in this interview on "Nocturno", of this short released few months ago by Camillo Brena and Matteo Mercanti. Two cinema lovers at debut, who put them hearts in this and a huge desire to do it well. And they succeed.
Just over 30 ' for a story that has the merit of pass to the viewers the sense of madness and paranoia. And it does so with a circular plot, full of reversals and changes of perspective and things seemingly meaningless and with a perfect soundtrack that sometimes drilled the brain.
A fast and very mobile direction, with a photography for most very clear, complete this interesting short movie.
Already so "I Paranoidi" reaches the goal. But we must add the presence of Fabio Testi and Enzo G. Castellari, the two giants of Italian cinema, which are the proverbial icing on the cake.
The beautiful Fabio is always in great shape (physical and artistic) and on him, who enters the project when it is all written, the author Marcanti rewrite and mold history. Enzo G. Castellari, better as a director than as actor is a "fun" shoulder who does his duty.
The two are the protagonists of a story in which a barber (Testi) who forget to take the pill starts with paranoia and visions in his small shop, while a rude customer (Enzo G. Castellari) continues to receive phone calls, disturbing all and increasing the problem of the first.
The last minutes of this short movie, overturn the whole situation, with Fabio Testi that emerges as a person and as actor with a brief glimpse of his past and grappling with a beautiful girl dressed in red.
Not everything is what it seems, add the two directors in the aforementioned interview. And without confusion they reach a good result.