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The devil lives here

If in the new century they still tell to us about creepy houses, dark basements, guys sentenced to a painful death and cursed dead who want to get back among the living, well, it's a sign that the authors haven’t more ideas. And it’s a bad thing. And in a movie entitled "O Diabo Mora Aqui," what do you think it will happen? There will be at least an evil being somewhere and someone at its side. Therefore, it is in fact in this Brazilian film, inspired by "Candyman", which marks the debut of Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio, which not only doesn’t tell anything new, but also get us totally upset. This is a great waste, because the two behind the camera are pretty damn good, as much as Kaue Zilli who care a splendid cinematography and as much as all actors great in making the characters. So sorry that they are at the service of a rather predictable story. Actually, the script has some merit too. It starts from the Brazilian folklore and mixes with history, with the period of slavery, to be exact. In addition, especially there aren’t good or bad characters, but a challenge, so to speak, between two factions.

Apolo lives in an estate somewhere. Ale, Jorge and Magu, his friends, went to him to pass a cheerful weekend. However, on the site it circulates a legend, well known to Apolo. Centuries ago the estate was of a certain Barão do Mel (Honey Baron if you prefer), a landowner very bad who ha at his will the life and virtues of his slaves. Among them, there is Bento, a victim of the evil of man, forced to eat a whole jar of honey. A slave revolt avenges injustices. Baron was assassinated and with him the illegitimate son newborn, who he had with the mother of Bento.
The legend says that every nine months, it is possible to revive these souls, thirsting for revenge. And that's what wants to do Apolo, unbeknownst to his friends and without knowing that brothers Sebastiao and Luciano want to make sure that no one accomplishes this thing.
The souls naturally wake up, creating a clash between factions and the showdown between Bento and the Baron.
The first part of the story is a long preparation for action in which Gasparini and Vescio create a great dramatic crescendo, which leads to lively and well-made horror scenes, which plays a fundamental role the aforementioned beautiful cinematography, a great direction directing and a good use of music.
A young cast, who’s most famous name, is Ivo Muller who plays the ruthless Baron, perfectly conveys all the emotions of the characters.
Worth seeing for its style. And if the teachers at the school said "the idea is good but it is made badly" (ie you are an incompetent), here it is reversed. The realization is excellent, but the idea does not shake us too much.