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The Love Witch

We know for sure that Anna Biller has much to tell. Two hours for a movie that, tells of love problems. An excessive length for a story that could be concentrated in a standard time.
However, Anna Biller performs magic. Her two hours are never boring, slip away with ease, lightness and smiles. If it's witchcraft, like the protagonist or skill, we have no doubt (the second course) and if that was not enough, the director creates an aesthetically beautiful film.

With the magic vintage of Technicolor Anna Biller enters in a long list of references to styles and movies of the past, also by songs of the past. The fashion of the sixties horror, those of the seventies, the elegance of Bava’s films and the nice kitsch of Hammer, as well as Hitchcock, Buñuel and other directors which she refers. Images of great beauty, with attention to detail that are divided between irony and ethereal moments.
As in his previous film "Viva", the American director, seeks the women's fantasies, looking for external and internal perspective, not to forget a love story, indeed, sad love stories. Light shades of irony and social criticism about the role of women complete this pleasant movie.
Everything is in the hands of the beautiful Samantha Robinson young American actress, who plays the protagonist Elaine. After her husband died in mysterious circumstances, she moved to another city. Convinced that women should serve man, she searches the Prince Charming, and to facilitate hunting uses witchcraft. In the new city in addition to attending a tearoom all pink in Victorian style and sell magic products to the local shop of witchcraft, she conquers several men. The problem is that her spells often have fatal side effects. Like all witches, there are those who want to burn. However, she always looks for the great love.
A simple story, perhaps trivial, but "The Love Witch" is an aesthetic experience not to be missed.