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With the phrase "Interrabang, rhymes with boomerang", not only summarize the plot but it’s also a review for 1969 film directed by Giuliano Biagetti, famous for other genres and for the friendship with Rossellini. A boomerang that hit the protagonists, a boomerang that hit the result of movie made with the best intentions but has something that doesn’t work.
In the midst of a kind of sub-genre of thriller where the references are many as the films that will follow, Biagetti set the story in the sea.
Deserted island, a boat. Some people and fashion images accompany us in a story that has well built characters and an elegant eroticism tanks to a series of actors genuinely beautiful: Beba Loncar, Shoshana Cohen and especially Haydée Politoff. With them, there are Corrado Pani and Umberto Orsini that completes the vortex of "Interrabang"
Often this movie has bad review, too much bad for us, because apart from lacking a bit 'of character and basically no telling nothing new, it remains an enjoyable thriller.
A slow narration (we are indeed in 1969) a sunny day that unfolds very slowly, among water reflections, warm and fashion
A hateful and arrogant photographer Fabrizio (Umberto Orsini) with his wife (Beba Loncar) his sister in-law (Haydée Politoff) and a model (Shoshana Cohen) went on a desert island (the Isola Rossa of Santo Stefano) to take some photos. The man has a very open relationship with his wife and model is one of his lovers. On the island, there is also Marco a fugitive. After taking the pictures, the group wants to come back, but a problem with the boat, forcing Fabrizio to hitch a ride to go to catch the fuel. The three women and later the fugitive, left alone give birth to a long series of intrigue and betrayal, in which all show a certain dose of cynicism. It is not clear what is real or what is a dream, because the interrabang is a symbol consisting of an exclamation point and a question mark. Another summary of this work by Biagetti.
Interrobang it's a punctuation mark invented in 1962 by Martin K.Speckter chief of an advertising agency who wants to convey surprise and rethorical questions