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Diablos Lesbos

That devil of Lloyd Kaufman returned to Europe for business. He chooses an interesting Spanish devil and then releases it on DVD in USA changing the title from "Belcebú: Tomame, soy tu puta from Hell" to "Diablos Lesbos". (very) independent films of 2005, directed and write by Sergio Blasco who also plays the main character and that uses the most classic and discounted canons of the genre film: heavy metal, sex and a small dose of zany comedy.
Rock, success and hell, immediately lead to think of a splatter remake of "Faust", but fortunately Blasco has others ideas and put the devil after the fact, intention to seek a partnership for its business. The setting is metropolitan, rather sordid and filthy and starring Toni and Mani and two drug addicts who end up in prison following robbery. Years later Mani, release from prison, returns to whore and discovers that Toni now is "Belcebú," he has left the career of drug dealer and is a world famous rock star. His records, in addition to selling millions of copies push to suicide several fans.
And it’s there where the devil sniffs the business. Convinced of the skill of the singer, the devil promises to the artist (created by a smart manager) a long and successful career, in exchange of the souls that his music brings to perdition. The death toll and human sacrifices are many, until the obvious defeat of the devil. Or at least, apparent defeat.
Film with some pleasant moments, especially the second half, and sometimes obvious and boring, see the first part that gives the idea of a bunch of choices put together to meet the audience lover of the genre. Naked women and sex scenes, doesn’t miss because Mani is a prostitute and a little because Toni/Belcebú also owns a porn production company. Not to mention the excesses rock star documented repeatedly.
To save the whole there is the devil. As always. His entrance on the scene gives style to the entire work and accelerate the plot Since his arrival on, everything is more interesting, and of course more extreme. Sometimes the movie ends up in porn/horror and sometimes zany scenes lighten the context. Not bad. And that devil of Lloyd Kaufman as always did the right choice.