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Conquest of space

Large investments for an enormous task conquer Mars. Cinema or reality, after all, nothing change because is always a difficult a risky mission. Who know well these problems is the acclaimed and award-winning producer George Pal who in 1955 starts this mission, with powerful means and with director Byron Haskin. The two in 1953 had given birth to "The War of the Worlds" and probably thinking about this gem of science fiction, they try again to make a big movie. This time the inspiration comes from a picture book by William Levy and Chesley Bonestell and some ideas of the controversial engineer Wernher Von Braun, who pass from Nazis to NASA.
With a cast of stars (among many Walter Brooke, Eric Fleming and Mickey Shaughnessy), and an impressive budget "Conquest of Space" tip, quite all, on the futuristic special effects especially on extraordinary spaceships.
The beauty of Technicolor should ensure maximum results and the spacecraft "Wheel", wheel-shaped of course, is very promising. However, promises are incredibly disillusioned starting since the stratospheric special effects, that even for the people of the time, show sometimes several limitations. However, what is worse is that there is an intellectual history that does not convince. There aren’t aliens, monsters, virus or whatever, they are not necessary, but there is only one question at the center of everything: "We have the right to conquer space? It’s something that belongs to us? Or is something bigger than us? "Where the bigger is God. An interesting question if the first one who say it wasn’t the heroic and very experienced commander, who should rely, as the curriculum, only on science and have in space missions his only faith.

So with the commander in an identity crisis, an international group of astronauts (there is also a Japanese who cite the Second World War) who lives on a ship in orbit "Wheel" leaves for Mars. Among those who are confident and sees an opportunity for humanity (the Japanese at all) and the aforementioned skepticism the ship arrives on the red planet. And there chaos begins between astronauts, those who want to disrupt and destroy everything and others who wants to go home. Mars is in fact a pretext to deepen the question on the expansion and evolution of men. However, a part that doesn’t happen absolutely other.

There is also a useless comic relief represented by the good Mickey Shaughnessy. He is a fat astronaut, a little 'clumsy who discovers that his wife betrayal him in a worldwide TV show, when she, like other relatives, hails from the land her husband before leaving for Mars.
Too trivial for two scientists of cinema as Pal and Haskin.