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Adventures Into the Woods: A Sexy Musical 

Rolfe Kanefsky is not Andrew Lloyd Webber and did not win an Oscar as Damien Chazelle. Instead, he is a smart director who loves cross genres bringing with him a bit 'of naked or scantily clad girls. Therefore, despite the comparisons, his foray into the musical has intrigued us. Ok, ok morbidly intrigued.
Not a new thing in the world of cinema, but well thought because his sexy musical is both a tribute and a parody of the genre and fairy tales. A large container which is inspired by the most famous fairy tales "Little Red Riding Hood Children", "Snow White", "Goldilocks" and especially "Alice in Wonderland", the center of his history.
To this Kanefsky adds an original soundtrack (sometimes little 'plagiarized) with songs ranging from pop to rock and relies on a cast passing of starlets to independent actors and to the pornstar Allie Haze without forgetting the cameo of the good old Ron Jeremy. Few sets, and a large use of computer graphics to beautify everything and so he gives us just enough to spend some' time having fun and looking beautiful scantily clad girls. If history does not slowly and became bit, boring Kanefsky could head with "La La Land" but instead these errors diminish in part his attempt his work is a more than decent result for the genre.

Result obtained thanks to the presence of Allie Haze that in the porn parody of "Star Wars" played Leila. She is our Alice, although in reality she is called Emmanuelle (explicit reference). Due to a scientific experiment, she ends in another dimension, where she met all the characters of fairy tales and where begins various erotic adventures. Significant sex scenes with the wolf of Little Red Riding Hood or a parody of the Wizard of Oz.