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The zombie’s exploitation without limits knows no crisis. Besides, if it works why waste something? And so after various types of invasions, generated by various types of things, those of the Asylum had a beautiful thought. They thought "brilliantly" to throw everything on the absurd and on the fact that no one has ever said that animals can not be zombies. To help them there is even the language, because if we add  to the word Zombie an "O" after the Z, comes Zoombie, a great stroke of luck, a great title that is perhaps the best thing of all this work.
They aren’t the first to venture into the "zoombologia" and with an eye to "Zombeavers" and with tin the head the idea of "Jurassic Park" creating this 2016 film. Behind the camera there is Glenn Miller assistant director of several other films of the American companyu (including "Sharknado 2" and "Sharknado 4") working with a cast of independent actors or for the most part unknown.
In the first minutes it seems that David Michael Latt has invested a bit 'of money on CGI but saved money on the script. As usual. In fact the more we go ahead in the story and more zombie animals we meet we see all the (many) limits of these CGI good for video games that leave to the viewer only the unhealthy enjoyment of another trash movie by "Asylum". Because if you watch one of their movies is certainly not for the hope of seeing a horror masterpiece, but for this insane and adorable taste of research or of the worst and of the absurd. And even in this case the target is centered. "Zoombies" is a predictable film, trash, surreal, with stereotyped dialogues. It remains very far from "Sharknado" masterpiece but not displeased the audience that see another story of zombies invasion and the crazy and often futile search for salvation from the many unfortunates. The biggest flaw (like the whole of '' Asylum” catalog) is the lack of boobs, one thing that history teaches, must not be missed at all "B movie" noteworthy.

We are in the nature park "Eden" opening soon, lovingly and proudly managed by Ellen Rogers that inherited from her father. Her goal is to recreate every environment and host all species for the happiness of million visitors.
If put in the same structure, respecting their needs, Polar Bears and Lions (for example) is not a problem, stop a dental virus seems impossible. As always thinks a monkey, much less fearful of the Sumatran Rat-Monkey, which begins to bite right and left in the classical laboratory from which begi the infection that turns animals into zombies. In the park there are some guests who have to face the horde of monsters and be the meal. The peak is reached with Koala and Giraffe zombies, peaceful as ever, but more likely to bite. That's all. Did you expect more?