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La banda del Gobbo

"He has seven lives like a cat," says his twin Brother reading a farewell letter. It may be true, but "Il Gobbo" ends into the Tiber on the notes of "Roma Capoccia" by Antonello Venditti and even if we don’t see his corpse (and has the lives of a cat), we will not see him in an another movie. Apparently because of artistic disagreements between Lenzi and Milian, but who knows. In 2013 the producer Massimiliano Caroletti (to be sincere best known for being the husband of Eva Henger) announces the film "Roma Capoccia" which should also mark the return of "Il Gobbo" again played by Tomas Milian who claims to wants a revenge against the cinema after seeing the awful "Il ritorno del Monnezza". And who could blame him!. However, the project does not go through, suffering a worse fate than the previous work of the two, the miniseries "Rome Nuda" directed by Giuseppe Ferrara with the presence of Franco Califano, produced and still unrealeased. Maybe Ferrara, Califano and Milian from afterlife are able to unlock everything.
Therefore, this is the last chance to admire "Il Gobbo" or rather the brothers Sergio and Vincenzo Marrazzi and to specify even more the skill of Tomas Milian in a double role.
Il Gobbo as all we know comes from "Roma a mano armata" where he compete with Tanzi, here instead he change characteristics and attitude. He is no longer Vincenzo Moretto, but Vincenzo Marrazzi and above (as well as move the hump) is no longer an evil murderess, but the figure more like an antihero in search of revenge towards life. Against everyone and everything, trying to rise from the rat comparison of one of the best scenes. It 's inevitable side with him when he makes out his former accomplices traitors and especially when in a night club exterminates some' bourgeois. This is the highest and densest moment of meaning of the whole film. Il Gobbo in a luxury night club, with his beloved, a prostitute, seek a normal life, but people mocks him and he as a modern jester, takes the control of the situation rails against the bourgeoisie and finally fulfills his revenge on the song " Sora Rosa" by Antonello Venditti. Popular Anti-hero loved by a part of the audience in "Rome a Mano Armata", here he has the total favor of viewers, with the help of Lenzi, good as always direct and to emphasize the moments of violence and action. Despite the aforementioned artistic differences.
A figure so strong well defined and well interpreted that force to simple frame everything else. However, the poliziottesco needs some rules and some things, you know. Then there is the Commissioner, a nuanced character, played by Pino Colizzi, who helplessly sees the raids of Vincenzo Marrazzi. Enemies and friends of Gobbo, all great actors and / or characters (Salvatore Borghese, Nello Pazzafini, Carlo Gaddi and the Solvy Stubing’s cameo, without forgetting Isa Danieli) are excellent shoulders. Then there is the twin Er Monnezza. One of the most famous and beloved characters played by Tomas Milian. A kind of light relief sometimes a bit 'pulled into the store (see the whole segment at the asylum), divided between hatred and affection towards his brother, sometimes important accomplice, with an unpredictable romance shades in the end.
The story is at the service of great skill of Tomas Milian, and to be honest it is not interesting compared to other plots of poliziottesco. "Il Gobbo", as mentioned, seeks revenge towards life and towards a group of accomplices who betrays him during a robbery. He is presented as one who has been successful, albeit small, in some crimes in Corsica. Galvanized by this and convinced of his own abilities, he proposes to some friends an easy robbery. However, during the robbery they betray him and try to kill him. This unleashes his revenge and with cunning plans, makes out his former comrades. Quickly, easily. However Too fast and far-fetched manner.
Then comes the police trying to catch him, but "Il Gobbo" always manages to escape showing his intelligence and his pragmatism, before the dramatic and beautiful ending.
An immense Tomas Milian who also signs the script written with Lenzi is the reason, almost unique, to see "La banda del Gobbo".