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Escape from Hell

 Lloyd Kaufman is never wrong. He sniffs a B Movie as the best truffle dog and pounces on him. What he earns is not clear, but in this case makes the right choice. In 1988 was released on DVD for the New York-based company, "Escape from hell" a 1980 Italian-Spanish film originally titled "Female Hell".
It is a Women in prison with some differences compared to its similar, and with a proper direction but an excessive length. One of those movie recommended to fans of bad movies and one of those films that has divided to save money the cast, crew, location (and maybe even days of shooting) with "Orinoco: le prigioniere del sesso."

Behind the camera, there is Edoardo Mulargia known in genre cinema more for the spaghetti western than anything else and that closes with these two films his career. His direction is surprisingly good despite he is not very skilled in moments of action, violence and erotic ones.
"Femmine Infernali" is set in a forest, where male jailers instead of the usual lesbian warden and several collaborators hold a group of prisoners. Therefore, the violence comes in different ways. There aren’t experiments or detained favored by the warden, but rapes and even consensual heterosexual relations. However, the lesbian side, that every "WIP" must have certainly not lacking and think the love stories among the inmates.

There is even who among the jailers, helps the girls to escape which in this case is the camp doctor, who drinks for the shame to work there.
A film not new and really bad but after all looks good in the midst of so many others movie like it.
The cast includes well-known names of genre cinema. The leader of women's brigade is Ajita Wilson while sympathetic doctor is played by Anthony Steffen. The villain is good Luciano Pigozzi and the rest of the female battery is notable for the presence of Cristina Lay and especially for Cintia Lodetti, already (very) appreciated in "Le porno killers" and then, unfortunately, soon disappeared from the world of cinema.