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The Last Desperate Hours

Bill Cosby is the inspiration for this 2015 film. In addition, maybe it’s excitement of seeing the fall of an idol, but we were expecting a corrosive satire or a torture porn. Even better both of these things.
Jerry Landi, director of this independent production, does not keep up the promise, although must be said he manages well few things available and he do a good job behind the camera...
However “Bill Huckstabelle: Serial Rapist" does not exploit the wave of the scandal. Everything remains underdeveloped, leaving us at the end a sense of incompleteness.
The action is poor, with some shoves and some t-shirt tear off. A girl tied and a man that whips and use a chainsaw are the strongest moments all in the end of the movie, little blood and little sex.
Bill Huckstabelle, who gives the title to the film, is a well-known comedian who someday is caught up in a scandal. A girl says that he has raped her. Then follows usual denials and new testimonies with Huckstabelle, who "can not" in the eyes of the people, be guilty. Eventually the actor is guilty, but it seems that everything is born from a substance in the cafe.
References to the Cosby case are so many, but Landi does not want go deep and the trivial explanation finally kills everything.