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Hyde's Secret Nightmare

If you want a tag, we could say it's a "porn-horror". However, Domiziano Cristopharo's films are difficult to catalog, because they go further, in the most disparate and distant territories. A good example of how complicated and at 360 degrees is the head of the Roman director comes from this "Hyde's Secret Nightmare".
The title immediately takes us to one of the many variants on the theme of Jekyll & Hyde. The starting point is certain this, but Cristopharo thrown into symbolisms, quotes, social criticism, eroticism, pornography, irony/satire and much more in two hours of vision. Many? Yes. Too many? No. Because the rhythm is tight and keeps the high the attention.
There are some small flaws (audio the most important), perhaps due to a very troubled production.
A series of obscure stories that have delayed the release of this work for two years, with changes and mysterious characters like a certain Jesus Carrier Housemann who is the second director.

Problems, however, that have in the end raised the expectation, curiosity and fame of a Christopharo's work once again bizarre, curious and successful.
The dear Joe D'Amato is the one who inspired or better is the person to whom this work is dedicated, which as mentioned also brings a social message. Read Hyde's and you say AIDS, that is, the social theme that is touched above all with scenes in which the actors speak directly to the camera.
The central core is an erotic/horror version of Stevenson's novel. Henry Chagall (played by Claudio Zanelli) is a scientist suffering from impotence and he tries a formula on corpses of any sex, aided by the classic deformed servant. However, the substance that he has created has an unwanted effect and transforms him into a beautiful woman (Roberta Gemma) hungry for blood and sex. A transformation that can also be seen as a theme of diversity, as it is understood several times.

In the two hours, the Roman director once again demonstrates his cleverness and intelligence sometimes pay homage to Bava and Argento, in colors and atmospheres. The details are as always good, from photography, to music composed by Kristian Sensini and Alexander Cimini.
The special effects are handmade but very clever, made by Athanasius Pernath that offer us pennies, vagina, nipples cut, and especially dreamy moments with the devil and an angel, two simple but superbly designed masks.
The hard aspect is one of the most important, but Cristopharo manages to handle the subject carefully, avoiding the trivial porn and entering an author dimension. It’s not easy if we read the names of Roberta Gemma (whose beauty hides some interpretative gaps) and Francesco Malcolm.
With them, we find several actors of great skill like Venatino Venatini and Alvia Reale.
What is "Hyde's Secret Nightmare" is hard to say, because it may sound like “Bloody Sin”, another fun stuff of Cristopharo, but it is also a movie with deep messages and strong scenes. What is certain is that this is another great movie.