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La soldatessa alle grandi manovre

The soldier Eva Marini says goodbye with a study on the sexual repression of the military. A great, beautiful and suggestive idea.
Well, certainly is not a serious turning point and our repressed military are ready to explode like bottles of sparkling wine, with farts, handjob and trivial jokes.
The good Nando Cicero behind the camera and behind the screenplay does not want to risk and relies on a cast of stars that cannot fail. Therefore, we find Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnani, Lino Banfi, Gianfranco D'Angelo, Alvaro Vitali and Michele Gammino, with the best character actors: Renzo Ozzano, Tiberio Murgia, Lucio Montanaro and many more.
In addition, that is what saves a movie that has an embarrassing screenplay that often spells between fart sex and lust and "joke-movie". All these great names bring gags, to the story, and the sum give as result a chapter worthy of its genre that closes this trilogy in a decorous way (or indecorous).
The flaws are many and we want to point out that unfortunately Edwige shows much less than usual and that many freaks are spoofed or the victim of the “funny” jokes. casual fun.
But we know well that the genre certainly does not aim to be author comedies and must and want to show the worst human instincts. And that's what the good Cicero gives us once again.

Eva Marini and Colonel Fiaschetta (the Fenech and Montagnani of course) are once again caught up with those nasty and ugly soldiers. However, if the Divine Edwige does her duty, Montagnani ends up creating a character in conflict with his role in the army that is a bit annoying. Luckily the stainless pair of simple soldiers Vitali / Montanaro burns and explodes WC and seeks out any female living being to have sex. They balance the flop of the great Renzo, as well as Gianfranco D'Angelo as an idiot doctor and Lino Banfi in the "romantic" role of a priest taking care of orphans of the town. Michele Gammino is once again the one who drops the beautiful doctor in his arms.
Canvas more than respected for a rather trashy comedy that in its infinity poverty give some funny moments some burps and some flatulence.