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Santo in the  wax museum

You are a really mad and evil scientist and we appreciate you for that. You have a great plan to turn people into wax statues. And it's great. And what do you do? You kidnap the people who come to visit your wax museum. It does not seem to us the smartest idea to go unnoticed. And it is not, in fact.

Alfonso Corona Blake returns to direct the adventures of El Santo in a better finished movie than its predecessors, with a better production and direction. We are always in the field of lucha libre against the underworld and especially it touches almost plagiarism but "Santo in the wax museum" is better than the others we have already seen.
Charles Belden, an American writer who worked for major production company, writes "The Mystery of the Wax Museum", which became a Warner Bros film in 1933. Twenty years later, André De Toth remakes it with Vincent Price as protagonists and ten years later Alfonso Corona Blake, Fernando Galiana and Julio Porter create their version in which they adds the Nazis, a melodrama and above all our legendary and beloved El Santo.
Mexican actor Claudio Brook we also saw in "El Ángel Exterminador" plays Dr.Karol. A scientist who has a wax museum full of important statues. There is Stalin, Gary Cooper, Frankenstein and many others, (some mannequins and other actors fixed). And most of all there are visitors that disappear into thin air. Susana is instead a photographer/journalist who wants to do a report about the museum, whose text for some unknown reason is written by her sister's boyfriend.
Professor Galvan is a dear friend of Susana and above all of El Santo who is engaged in a case and in the lucha libre. As always, anyway. And how you can easily imagine Susana disappears in the museums subterranean while the evil Karol convinces El Santo of being a victim of a plot. The problem is that El Enmascarado de la Plata believes him and only Ricardo (Susana's brother-in-law) opens his eyes to the truth. Karol during the Second World War was a Nazi soldier. Then he escaped to Britain where a serious laboratory accident burned his chest and a hand. But Karol is once again able to convince our hero who is also spied with the mythical TV. And it takes a lot of time before El Santo realizes Karol's evilness.
As a canvas our hero stumble before beat the bad guys (some monsters created by Karol!) find time to win a match, free everyone and flies away on his sports car.

As already mentioned, "Santo en el museo de wera" has a better production that even renounces the night effect and actually turns into the dark. Frankenstein's face on the poster is part of the many inaccuracies that with the narrative holes and the absurdity of fighting make this film not only a pleasing "B Movie" but one of the best and most fortunate adventures of the Enmascarado de la Plata.