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Femminilità (In)corporea

If we look at the poster It seems to be a funny movie with a some science fiction or something like that. In addition, there are phrases taken from various reviews that define it fun. So then, this Clay Liford movie of 2016 must be very funny. However, minute after minute we find that it is not a crazy movie. It is a comedy yes, but it brings deep messages.
It is also a story on which the director himself had many reflections. Some years ago, he created a short movie as test to see if the story works.
So many scruples what will ever hide? Well some thorny themes, some taboo arguments, things that are still too difficult for this society.
The title first refers to "Slash Fiction", that is, a fan fiction that focuses on the relationships of same-sex characters of original stories. The list is long but universally Kirk/Spock (ie Kirk - slash - Spock) are among the most famous of the modern era, although we think Batman/Robin is more brilliant. Then it touches the colorful and tenacious world of fandom and above all the protagonist is an underage. Gay.
Clay Liford who loves borderline characters has long been absorbed in the world of fandom, a world recognized as a nerd and sexless, and where there is a restricted area for adults in every convention worthy of that name.
After taken all these inputs Liford compact them and puts them in a story that talks about rights, feelings and friendship. Doing it in a light way, smiling, though the awareness and acceptance of an underage gay for society is not just an easy thing to deal with. However, Liford succeeds in his intent with a film that tells us all about it in an original way (see the setting) and with the two main actors young and already experienced, Michael Johnston and Hannah Marks who do their duty very well. The hand of Liford moves in a simple way, without any particular shots, but occasionally gives us suggestive images that emphasize the originality of the context.
"Slash" is a simple and complex movie at the same time. Not a masterpiece but a movie that reaches all its goals.
Vanguard is the gay superhero that Neil (Micheal Johnston) a laid-back kid who respects the rules (he never click the over 18 year’s button on internet) has created and for which he has been writing so many adventures.
His intimate and satisfying hobby becomes public when he meets the enterprising Julia (Hannah Marks) one year older. She is also author of tales and a person that helps Neil to accept and communicate his homosexuality and to try to bring out their talent going to an important comic-con. Of course, it is not an easy task. However, the friendship and leading of Julia (to say the truth a bit pulled considering that, she is also a little girl) will help the good Neil