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Bedside Dentist

Literally is "Dentist on the bed", certainly esier fort us than the original "Tandlæge på sengekanten". Dental set, therefore, for the second film of the "Sengekanten" series, which apart from this variation has the same actors and authors. Ole Søltoft, Søren Strømberg and Birte Tove directed as always by John Hilbard with the "Palladium Film" as prodution company.
The foundation as well as the dynamics are always the same and the good Søltoft is the usual clumsy that has to show to a rich aunt to be a "decent human being", not so capable of managing a company but showing some love for life . He must have some women in short. But he is in love with Nina (Birte Tove) with whom he seeks different approaches that end all in a disastrous way. This is accompanied by the usual misunderstandings, naked bodies anddouble-sided situations
Funny, fast, "Tandlæge på sengekanten", however, suffers from repeating the same pattern of the previous chapter. Birte Tove's vision, however, makes us close an eye on this defect.