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Teens in the Universe

The Western indoctrination taught us until 1989 that those bad guys of Russian communists were sad, very sad. They never laughed. Then the Wall fell. Then came the internet and the information began to go around, making us discover the many bullshit that they inculcated us (we will never have peace for believing in "Rocky IV").
In addition, find out a cinema that you did not think existed and that the communists, besides eating children, made teen funny movies and above all well done. We are not facing a masterpiece like “Solaris”, but one of the most brilliant examples is this "Otroki vo vselennoy" translated as "Teens in the Universe" of 1975, directed by the great and visionary Russian director of science fiction Richard Viktorov .
Sequel of "Moskva-Kassiopeya" of 1974 it continues to tell the story of a group of teenagers cosmonauts on the way to Cassiopea. If the first film was about the trip, here our pioneers reach the goal and discover that the planet is dominated by robots who do not feel feelings and that the population is their slave or lives in orbit. Somehow, our heroes succeed in solving problems.
Why use cosmonauts teenagers and not comrade Gagarin's pupils? Very simple. Because in the Soviet Union Space was a serious thing and to reach the planet takes twenty-five years, so they have to leave teenagers. Ok yes, they also arrive as teenagers but this is another matter.
Apart from this kind of absurdity, and apart from a very cool acting, "Teens in Universe" is a very well done movie. Viktorov is very clever behind the camera and is capable of creating suggestive scenes. He takes some ideas from "Solaris" and from the other popular science fiction movie (it seems to be called "2001 Space Odyssey" or something else) has a budget that allows him to work with good-quality sets. See the spaceships or even the bad alien robots.
Almost without political messages, (apart a little criticism of the West), although according to our indoctrination "those there" made you brainwash, "Teen in Universe" is really a good example of cinema for young people.
A film that in spite of the youthful target is boasted by high-level actors who then continued in the career and some sacred monsters of Russian cinema such as Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy also appreciated abroad.