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Kleinhoff Hotel

Heavy and bad semi-erotic movie or interesting film about the “anni di piombo” with a bit of erotism and a lot of psychology? "Kleinhoff Hotel" by Lizzani is one of those works that has divided the critics and continues today. Badly acclaimed at its release, it has been re-evaluated in modern times and is part of the filmography of a filmmaker who was never banal at all.
So in our humbly opinion "Kleinhoff Hotel" is both things. A definitely heavy film with a slow narrative that does not exploit the many potentialities at hand but at the same time a strange work that speaks (of course in its own way) of those years using the beautiful Corinne Cléry in her whole erotic charge.
The plot is very simple. Pascale (Corinne Cléry) is an architect who as her husband goes around the world for work. One day, however, she loses the last plane to Paris and is forced to stay in Berlin at the Kleinhoff Hotel. In the next room, there is the mysterious and seductive Karl (Bruce Robinson) with his girlfriend Petra (Katja Rupé). A bit of boredom and a bit of strangeness in the context push Pascale to spy on the pair from a hole. It is the beginning of a morbid attachment to Karl who is actually a terrorist. More and more obsessed by him, Pascale follows him in a violent demonstration and she is arrested. Once released, she come back to the hotel find Karl and has sex. He kills himself while she sleeps. Pascale wakes up, and take her plane
Maybe a little bit, maybe reminds other movies, but Lizzani as mentioned is not a banal director as you can see.