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The incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed-up zombie


Our friend Lester was right. That hopeless junkie not only knew well records but also a cinema. He was right we he saying that there is nothing clear in this movie and with his words “"not only does it rebel to the standards of taste and art but it ignore them"
Translating, this film is a maze of cryptic and badly-shot ideas and scenes, to which the most hallucinatory films of Herschell Gordon Lewis or anyone else you know, seem to be filmed by Clint Eastwood. Precise. Compact. Cool.
It is difficult to define this movie we do not know if it is a horror, thriller or exploitation of something, but it enters in the history of cinema thanks to the title considered by readers of Roger Ebert among the most funny of all time. Imdb also reports that director Ray Dennis Steckler, who then proudly continued his career in b movies (and according to Wikipedia also directed Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit video, but we didn’t find others source about it), risked a legal action with Columbia worried that the title of this work would damage the imminent "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ". Steckler honored by so much free fame tries unsuccessfully an agreement with the company. Then one day he calls Kubrick and he agrees.
As far as we know Stanley Kubrick we can only imagine the interest and reaction to the question.

However, in 1964 this film set mainly in a Long Island’s Luna Park was released.
The plot for what we understand sees a woman who works in this Luna Park as fortune-teller and who, in addition to predicting the future, transforms several people in zombie to commit homicides. Well, zombie is a big word, we say more people from the dazed and confused expression.
Between one scene and the other, there are very long musical moments. Unnecessary to the story, make us hear a sound commentary between pop and rock, better than the movie itself.
"The incredibly" (sorry but we do not write all the title) exerts the perverse appeal of bad movies that we know well thanks to its already dirty setting and thanks to the saturated colors of the time. If you can figure out what exactly happens, please tell to us. Yes, it is not a good way to talk about a movie. However, calling it a movie is a big word, as the good Lester would say!