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1001 Nights of Pleasure 


We have to call it "decamerotico" by convention, but with the classical stories, it has little to do with. A little because the setting is Arabic, a bit because the production is rich, with credible oriental dresses and environments, and with the interior, for the record, shot in Sammezzano Castle. However, this film of 1972 is noteworthy because Antonio Margheriti and Sergio D'Offizi at photography put huge efforts creating a film superior than the others of the genre. Of course, the story could be better written to lengthen the gap with the other decamerotics movies, because in the end we always talk about erotic stories with tits and ass, with the central theme that did not move a millimeter for the duration of the film . In addition, at a certain point it is a bit boring, though some gags are fun.
However, apart from some mistake in the plot, there is also great quality in the cast with the two superstars Femi Benussi and Barbara Bouchet (not to forget even Esmeralda Barros and Barbara Marzano) and with a series of good character actors like Gino Milli, Gigi Ballista and many others.
The structure of "Finalmente le mille e una notte" is divided into three different segments joined by a common denominator; the impotence of Sultan Almamun (which according to ears of the critic becomes Shalmamun, Almamud and Alì Manun). Returning from a long journey, he receives the slave Zumrud, played by Femi Benussi, as a gift and who is immediately produced in the sexy dance of the seven veils, with our great pleasure. However, Almamun cannot get an erection. Great scandal and great shame and his faithful engage some people to tell an erotic story that excites him.

The first, told by a blind man, tells of the mighty Samandal the largest playboy in the city, whose magic mirror repeats that he is the best in the city until a certain Abuisè arrives. Abuisè recognize in the dark all the women of City (because he had sex with all of them!). Abuisè speaking with romagnolo accent participates in a challenge in which he guesses the names of all women and ends up in bed with Samandal's wife while the sultan is trying to deceive him but he becomes the greatest cuckolded of the kingdom.
In the second story, Aladdin's grandson is in love with Marian (Barbara Bouchet) and finds a magic lamp and asks for a way to conquer her beloved. He become invisible enters her room and thanks to a flying carpet he can fly with her and make love (three times because the carpet doesn’t landing). For misfortune or for revenge of the genius, one day Marian's husband take the carpet,  and Aladdin becomes Aladdina (a woman).
The third and last part tells of a beautiful and cruel princess who every year organizes a challenge in which a man must satisfy her thirteen times in a day. Tries and succeeds a young man, who is replaced every time by one of his six twin brothers. The last one who has been eunuchs is the last one to come to the palace and is the one who will marry the princess giving her a great surprise on the first wedding night.
And Almamun? At the end of the three stories, he sees Femi Benussi near the narrator interpreted by Esmeralda Barros. He gets excited and probably an orgy begins but is not show. The most interesting scene of all! A bad final can be said for a more than dignified episode.