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A part the many horrendous things you have seen, dear Jared, at the end you avoided marriage and believe us it is a good thing. Marriage would be the worst nightmare of your life and then the spaghetti (or what it was) she did not know how to cook. All right, you have been a spectator of one of the most common and terrible phobias. The bites of strange insects and horrific transformations. However that is fine, after all, and that's fine, even if it's not an original idea, because it has long time that cinema at all levels offers us stories of this kind. Certainly, the Canadian production company "Black Fawn Films" active in the world of music and horror / thriller movies since some years, trying to do things well and to use at its best an unlimited budget.
Chad Archibald, co-founder of the company, directs and produces this film in 2015, which has good reviews. In addition, that, artificially or not, benefits of a vomiting person and another who feels bad at screening at the Fantasia Film Festival. Those things that make a horror movie, a success.
But Archibald's efforts behind the camera apart, which tries to give us best and frightening images (although the special effects could be better), Bite" suffers from a rather predictable story
A classical ending and an acting that achieves enough. Not to mention some of the usual absurdities and the excessive slowness of start of the events.
The beginning is, however, more than convincing, we see the amateur video of a group of girls on a bachelorette trip to some island. One of those videos where the bride called Casey in this case, who is not convinced of marriage, gets drunk, had sex with a stranger, loses the engagement ring and admits she does not know how she woke up naked on the beach. In addition, especially during a bath, something bites her.
Left the amateur video style, we find Casey at home, where she is bore with her boring fiancé Jared and the evil old mother-in-law. Which is quite normal, while it is not her slow and inexorable transformation? Why she do not go to the hospital after the many purulent bubble is not clear but it is part of narrative nonsense to carry on the story (in the hospital with a couple of antibiotics and cortisone they might have save her and goodbye film). Casey thus becomes a horrible monster who gives birth to caviar-type eggs and vomits acid on people starting with the odious mother-in-law. She does not go to the hospital yet and closes herself in the apartment that becomes her nest where she catches the victims, with a door with a “SLAM"! sound and no longer opens.
In the end, more than a godless creature that kills is a monster seeking revenge against those who made her angry. Well ok, being a woman is a right narrative choice (we are joking eh!).
A bit sloppy as a story at the dawn of the year 2015 and somewhat slim in the special effects as mentioned, but nothing to complain about Archibald's aesthetic efforts.