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Klown Kamp Massacre

Theater teachers are a strange beings. There is who blasphemes if you're wrong about three times the diction, there is who is all right, because you pay. There is who teach only for have sex with the students (especially the one that you have been pointing from the beginning of the course). Then must be said, too, the students are special, and many people only come to a theater course just to know people and possibly then have sex.
The workshops, stages and self-proclaimed great masters complete the imaginative and controversial world of theater, which often leads to disappointments and sometimes you would like somebody to do some cleaning. In addition, that someone is here in this movie.
David Valdez and Philip Gunn are two people growing up bored in some New Mexico town. The boredom leads them to play with cinema and step by step they produce some shorts and in 2010 they realize this feature film. Shot in New Mexico "Klown Kamp Massacre" is an exceptional b movie with blood and tits that parody the great slasher of history ("Friday the 13th" above all). A horror comedy, a product for "Troma" in short, and in fact, in addition to a part for good Lloydo, the American production company does not miss the opportunity to put hands on this film and distribute it all over the world.
Gunn and Valdez who write the story, direct in a simple and effective way, succeeding in combining the comedy and the horror. Gags clowns and homicides in a lost camp that reopens after several years. Because a year ago a certain Edwin was ridiculed by his classmates, just during the graduation. In addition, at night he killed everyone. Years after the old Bonzo (Mike Miller) decides to reopen the "Camp" but again dead are coming, starting with Funnybone the aide of Bonzo. From here on, the bodycount blends with clowns, in a perfect balance that shows some naked fleeting.
With the legendary "Killer Klown From Outer Space", "Klown Kamp Massacre" shares the best b movie scepter on the subject, a sophisticated trash that also reaches the goal here.