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Patrick Vive Ancora

(Patrick Still Lives)

 "There's one more thing you need to know ... this time Patrick will kill you!"

A bottle thrown from a Ford Transit  ruin the lives of the young Patrick.
His status of an irreversible coma, broke the heart of his father and owner of a medical clinic. The man changes his life and he has only one task: find the guilty. Meanwhile, Patrick has developed huge telekinetic abilities. But Patrick still lives and is fighting with us! He kills the cinema, however, it must be said, even if the first few lines may suggest an interesting horror movie.
Let's starts with the fact tha it isn't
clear if this movie wants to be a sequel, tribute or a parody of "Patrick", a horror film of 1978 directed by Richard Franklin.

And so we are faced with an Italian 1980's, an erotic horror to be precise, which gives us a little view as shameless  of Agatha Cristhie's of "
And Then There Were None". For the rest of the film by the Roman director Mario Landi put everething on female nudes, tons of naked bodies, framed by a terrible realization.

Special effects  have their best in the eyes of the protagonist overlay, an fx incredibly, who crafted to comedy that raises more than anything else, to get to the plot. At this point it will be clear that there is little or nothing that works here and also the story limps a lot, with moments of horror in addition to sex.

"Patrick Vive Ancora" is an ultra trash, one of those movies, do bad to became nice. We must say that not all is trash, because the horror moments, poorly credible, can
can annoy the audience by touching some sensitive point. And it must be said, that eroticism is in the hands of a group of excellent women.

Carmen Russo, young and already bursting, Mariangela Giordano charming in her simplicity and the blonde meteor Andrea Belfiore, are the backbone of the film. Used as objects, it must be said, in a very macho style, but that's another story.

They are part of a series of characters who seem that came from the circus and that Patrick's father, the Dott.Herschell (Herschell Gordon Lewis tribute to?) Calls in his clinic, a kind of beauty farm.

Carmen Russo plays Cheryl Cough, married with  congressman Lyndon (whom she have helped in his career ...), after the incredible death of her husband, she sleeps naked buttocks upward, leaving the door of the room open.
Stella Randolph (Mariangela Giordano) with Peter Suniak form a pair consisting of a former prostitute and a drug dealer. She is the victim that end in  the hardest way, in a scene very heavy with gynecological details very high. To  complete the female trio there is Andrea Belfiore, beautiful actress seen in some movies, plays the nurse who takes care of Patrick and whit he had sex. Via telekinesis. Clearly.

Father and son instead are played by two famous actors of "Cinema di genere": Sascha Pitoeff and Gianni Dei.

The list of characters is completed by David Davis, to imagine as the classic rebellious, womanizing, intelligent and hero. A charatcer that all horror films have. Think of it just because he is the opposite.
All of these characters, from the dark past, were searched by Dott.Herschell because suspected to be the culprits. So everybody was on the Ford Transit, although many times it is clear that dont' not know each others.

Mario Landi, roman director, who died in 1992, creates a very imaginative film, which is the top of his  filmography of the last years of his career. Think a little! '.

A rather strange career, finished with stuff similar as the thriller "Giallo a Venezia" and before the comedy "Le impiegate stradali- batton story" , but started and developed for many years with television variety shows such as "Uno due tre "with Ugo Tognazzi, television drama,"
Cime Tempestose "or" Le inchieste dell’Ispettore Maigret"and good movies as" Quelli che Contano " In addition to much more. Landi evidently preferred to fight, to live again Patrick. A film definitely deadly to see, but immortal in history.


Original title: Patrick Still Lives
Alternative Titles: Patrick Is Still Alive, Patrick Still Lives (USA) Patrick lebt! (Germany)
Year: 1980
Country: Italy
Directed by: Mario Landi
Cast: Sacha Pitoeff, Gianni Dei, Mariangela Giordano, Carmen Russo, Paolo Giusti, John Benedy, Franco Silva, Anna Veneziano
Duration: 92 '
Production Company: Stefano Film