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Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

After having swallowed most of the US citizens the sharks where will go? Well, around the world to taste the rest of human beings. Moreover, no, no surprise because it did not want a particular intelligence to understand where the fifth "Sharknado" could go.
Story apart, now the whole planet is under attack. And for whole, we mean from London to Tokyo, passing through Paris, Rome, Switzerland, Sidney, Egypt, Moscow and many other places put in without a particular geographic order.
The invasion of shark that travels in the tornado this time is enormous and the world's great ones are concerned and a longhaired Pope receiving our heroes: the clever Fin and the Bionic April (usual, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid of course). We could say that Anthony C. Ferrante wanted to quote "The Young Pope," but we believe the American director likes more immediate things, like copying the "Indiana Jones" graphics and the "Back to the future" ones, from which he takes some ideas and situations that join "007" and a plastic Queen Elizabeth. Not to mention many other quotes.
History is usually the same. In addition, that almost is about the fact that this time the chaos begins because our good old Fin. He is in London with his family when he receives an emergency call from a group of busty speleologists who are working near Stonehenge.
One of them has, in fact, found a rock incision that shows that the "Sharknado" have always existed. When Fin comes to the place, he takes a ride in the classic cave and takes a thing collapsing everything and escaping with less grace than Harrison Ford. Welcome Global Shark War and goodbye Stonehenge.
Fin and April begin to spin the world trying to put a piece on this chaos. However, it does not work. It does not even work the coin thrown into the Trevi Fountain, the military base hidden in the Sidney Opera House or the Sphinx with magic powers. The world is destroyed. April is set in piece (in the true sense of the word).
It’s the end of the trashier saga of history? No, maybe no, there is big cliffhangers that once again let’s guess that it's not over.

After five "Sharknado" we would never have thought of writing the following lines. In addition, we must admit that this film, as well as being able to revitalize the saga, is probably the best. It is maybe be for this continuous and unlikely change of city that leads to never having dead times or perhaps for CGIs more superior to the previous ones.
We are not saying it's a great movie with a great story or production, because in the end it's always the usual huge amount of trashy thing, but here it works much better. One of the reason is probably the new arrive in the screenwriters group with Scotty Mullen, who was already the author of the terrible "Zoombies".
Last but not least there are as a always the stars from the cellar like Olivia Newton-John who with the "do not get too physical" joke gives a pearl of self-irony , or Samantha Fox and finally Dolph Lundgren.