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Biancaneve e i sette nani

Finding this movie is like finding an old friend in splendid shape, rather, better than you remembered. It’s 1995 and Franco Lo Cascio signing Luca Damiano realizes this movie that comes some time later, cut and obscured, on the regional TVs. The rest of the story is well known, internet arrives, we can download everything and there are sites that talk about these "wonderful" pearls.
Here it is. Whole, long and hard, in its entire splendor. “Biancaneve e I sette nani” also known as "Biancaneve sotto I nani” (a wonderful joke that means “Snow White under the dwarves") is a brilliant and entertaining movie, one of the best examples nineties porn. Aside from shatter our ears with terrible background music in MIDI format, Damiano has for the whole movie great ideas. First of all, he remains allied to the story of Snow White, with some obvious narrative shortcuts for hard scenes. In addition, he tries to create characters identical to the originals. He has easy play with Ludmilla Antonova porn meteorite that already looks like Snow White and that with a little makeup becomes the same. He does not need much for the prince and he hires Vicca a Russian superstar to make the bad queen. Above all, the genius stroke: the dwarfs are real dwarfs with one of them deliberately mock an actor known for the 1980s and 1980s "Kodak" advertising.

A production with few things but well-managed (sets, exteriors and paradoxically costumes) and we can watch this version of Snow White. The bad queen between an orgy and the other asks to the mirror, as always who is the most beautiful of the realm. Snow White is at home without underwear, with her classic dress, and she is especially naïve and obscure to the pleasures of sex. She escapes the hunter's murder by lifting her skirt and then the dwarves teach her the secrets of pleasure. All or almost. In all ways or almost. It should be said that Ludmilla Antonova is exceptional in the variety and intensity of the expressions, from naïve to astonished and sometimes sarcastic. So good that we are sure she could get out of the hard world and make movies, to say, more mainstream. Unfortunately, however, she soon disappeared from the scenes.
The prince, on the other hand, is a stupid incapable who having sex with his cousin and with a lavender before finding Snow White poisoned and waking her with a kiss then... well... you know. Shot in Hungary and with Joe D'Amato at the head of the second unit "Biancaneve e i sette nani" remains a bizarre and entertaining movie still today. Damiano also signed the sequel "Biancaneve dieci anni dopo" less interesting.