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L'insegnante di violoncello

This film was shot in the seventies and is, in addition to being an exemplary example of sexy comedy of the time, a great precursor to Vanzina's beach comedies. Then the lobby of the sexy comedy film directors boycotted it because director Lorenzo Onorati was one of those thorny directors with movies that went against power, like "Luana la Porcona", to say. Um. Yes, of course, that's not true, but we'd love it so much to justify a horrible film from every point of view.
An attempt out of time (we're in 1989 but someone thinks it was shot several years before) to try to revive or at least stay attached to the "sexy Italian comedy" genre. A nostalgic atmosphere that is already breathed in a title that link to the teacher's subgenre. A nostalgic atmosphere that is old, already seen and that is, above all, is done very badly.
Lorenzo Onorati, a career in porn that ended in 2004 with an unreleased horror, probably sought other ways in the cinema in 1989. He does not find them either with this movie or with "L’Amante".
Here is a story with a senseless plot and a cast, which apart Leo Gullotta and Serena Grandi (the latter only for her body), is a union of amateur actors who cannot even see in the oratories.
"L’insegnante di violoncello" tells the brawls of a group of guys on holyday trying to have sex with as many girls as possible. One of them, son of a middle-aged playboy, brings with him the cello teacher, who of course, as they have taught the films of the seventies is far from old and ugly. And, of course, she is Serena Grandi who runs sexy (little undressed though) for the whole duration of the film.
Betrayals, jokes, rotten swimsuit and italic genius are the backbone of the story under the eyes of Leo, sort of narrator, played by Leo Gullotta. Nothing else to add. Better go looking for "Luana la porcona" movie.