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Piranha 3DD

The double "d" of the title doesn’t mean the sequel or some other 3D contraption. It's a deeper thing, that is, the size of the bikini and bras of the protagonists. If we add that there is a dead cow in a lake that fart piranha eggs and then explodes that marks the beginning of this movie, we can say that the context is very clear. Isn’t?
Genesis is very simple. John Gulager, director of the "Feast" trilogy, receives one day a phone call in which they give him the direction of the sequel "Piranha 3D". The goal is one: make a funny movie. And here's a work that exaggerates more than the predecessor, who has nothing to do with Dante’s movie (mild citations aside) and where splatter and horror are shaded by many tits, dementia and trash situations . And David Hasseloff.
A teen movie more than other if there were no porn sites would tickle adolescent fantasies, with a story that has an interesting setting (yes, although we're over forty let's admit it), a fast direction, bad special effects, but nobody, of the latter thing, care about.
Finally, there is a completely renewed cast (with the exception of Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer and Ving Rhames engaging in some scenes) and a new place to trigger action, if about action we can talk about. We are at "The Big Wet" a waterpark with slides and two or three swimming pools that aim to attract people with busty lifeguard and with an adult pool where at least you must be in topless and you can watch with a cam what happening under water. This is just a good entrepreneurial idea! That remind to us the beginning of the nineties and a fantastic Côte d'Azur Aquatic Park, where there was certainly no "Adult Pool", but the Costa's uses (i.e. the topless) were radically observed. A good moment for adolescence, but that's another point.
Returning to "The Big Wet", we find the owner Chet (the well-known David Koechner), a businessman, sweeper, and bugger who "steals" the pool to Maddy his stepdaughter, played by Danielle Panabaker, which we have seen in several TV series. She is the opposite of Chet, she is a serious, smart, educated girl who wants the pool to remain a quiet place as it has always been.
Well, that is not the case and most of all it will never be because the piranha climbs up the ducts of an abusive well and dive into the pool making carnage.
Fighting this monster is a mission for Maddy returning to her town after a while and finding her old friends. The corrupt cop and former boyfriend Kyle (Chris Zylka), the hydrophobic nerd Barry (Matt Bush) secretly fall in love with her and becomes like a canvas, the hero of the situation. In addition, a whole series of predestined victims, busty (naturally) or muscles.
The dead are not so many and the scenes of blood are few, but there are interesting tips of cynicism and fun thrash moments. The top is reached in a sex scene where a beautiful blonde, scared by events, asks a boy to have sex for the first time. The problem is a piranha has previously entered in her vagina and ... the rest you can imagine. And then there is David Hasseloff.
The American actor interprets himself by teasing himself, attending the opening of "The Big Wet", re-launching his Mitch of "Baywatch", giving birth to kitsch moments that sublimate the dementia of this movie. Hasseloff is another memory of adolescence. American magnificence, brilliant smile, but also a certain glamor, with a hint of rather annoying. Not to mention that I link him to a classmate, who US mother, with whom I did not quite agree. However, we have to say that David with this parody gets a little nicer.
This is another breakthrough but obviously, there is not much else to say about "Piranha 3DD", which evokes youth memories, thus achieving its goal of being a demented film for teenagers.