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L'osceno desiderio

He must have done a patient transcript job Piero Regnoli, who is already the author of several genre films. In addition, for this commitment, he deserves our respect. A little less, however, deserves Giulio Petroni, who after writing the story and directing this film, takes the distance trying to make us believe that he was not the Jeremy Scott who signed the film.
Everybody have to assume the responsibilities, we have always said it and we reiterate it, especially if you make a movie that is the bad copy of "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist" by placing it in a dark house with some external shots.
Not all is bad mainly thanks to Marisa Mell, who, although she had already taken the sunset boulevard, still shows a certain skill and a very good body. However, even the music of Carlo Savina are not bad and we must say that "L’osceno desiderio" has a good start and an ending that works despite being very predictable. Not to mention that some (unmistakable) erotic moments perform well the task.
The rest, however, is a boring and infinite story that unfolds between dark rooms, easy mysteries, and involuntary comic characters. The "Rosemary's baby" aura is breathing almost immediately, but, the story works, but it is when arrive  "The Exorcist" that everything collapses and becomes absurd.
"La Profezia" was the original title with the signature of Petroni, and then changed into "L’osceno desiderio – le pene del ventre” in which the director's name becomes Jeremy Scott.
Leaving aside other titles, we are in the story that stars Andrea Orsomandi and his wife Amanda. Andrea played by Chris Avram is a descendant of a very talked-about family and after marry goes to live in the family chateau. With him in addition to his wife (Marisa Mell) there is the classic butler played by Catalan Victor Israel and above all there are nightmares that hardly affect Andrea's sleep. Ah, there is also someone killing prostitutes, but nobody cares. Despite the problems and the attempts to unlock the mysteries of the story by Father (but for a while we don’t know it) Clark interpreted by Lou Castel, Amanda remains pregnant. A couple of friends goes to the castle, takes care of the woman while Father Clark finally reveals the secrets, and tries to exorcise the woman. However, the result is more comical than anything else. Well, you understand that Amanda's son is the devil.