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The Bermuda Triangle

Yes, we certainly all thought about. Say Gloria Guida and add "The Bermuda Triangle" and a certain imaginary appear on the horizon. Much more than we were in 1978 and our heroine has entered since long time in the forbidden dreams of viewers. Instead, "The Bermuda Triangle" is not related to that triangle but just to the notorious geographic area between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Legends and mysteries of disappearing and sinister apparitions those are very shaky to say the truth, that in the sixties with Vincent Gaddis and especially in the seventies thanks to Charles Berlitz's Bestseller, "The Bermuda Triangle", which mixes the story with Atlantis, conquers the audience. Little more than a metropolis legend, but I confess that a few years ago, passing on plane over it I was little afraid and we are "smart" humans of the future and not those of the seventies who after the clamor of Berlitz's book ran to the cinema to see movies about the Bermuda Triangle. Because Berlitz, besides enriching himself by selling many books, also enriches filmmakers, writers and producers who create sometimes successful works on the subject.
One of these lucky men is the good René Cardona Jr, who with this film gets an incredible result at the box office. An Italian/Mexican co-production boasting important names such as John Huston, Marina Vlady, Hugo Stigliz (Cardona's loyal man also seen in several genres and inspired a name of a character in "Inglorious Basterds"). In addition, of course the beautiful Gloria Guida. Who knows why our goodness ends up in this production, but it marks a remarkable change of movie genre and partly of character as well. She is as always the beautiful one, of course, the one who goes around with a fantastic red bikini, flirting with a sailor but nothing more, in fact, at last, she has legs quite cut off. It is interesting to see her in another context and is the best part of a movie that throws away a fascinating and trendy subject. As already mentioned in the reviews of the era, "The Triangle of Bermuda" has an aura other than mystery or thriller. It's more a sea movie that cites the mystery and eventually explodes in a scene that defines it's unbelievable does not make the idea. In the abyss, there are columns of an ancient civilization that collapsed on the poor subs, among which there is Michelle interpreted by Gloria Guida.
She and about another ten, twelve people are on a yatch in the infamous stretch of sea and unexplainable things happen. Things that develop between boring dialogues and poor characters with a direction with few ideas. The most interesting mystery is: how could it be a great commercial success? (Excuse me is the only sentence that came to our minds. It was enough a strong subject and a cast of famous interpreters.)