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B.C. Butcher

We trust in Lloyd Kaufman almost blindly, but this story is very bizarre and Lloydo has already spoofed us several times. However, excluding that this is a nice joke and taking all for true, we are all caught up with a film directed by Kansas Bowling, a very young director who besides having a nice name, wrote this story at fifteen years and directed all at seventeen. Californian grows watching the "Troma” movies, admiring Barbara Bach, Raquel Welch and listening to the Ramones. A good education!
She joins the “Troma Institute for Gifted Youth” program that aims to create and grow new director talents or at least for a certain cinema and become the protégée of the good Llyodo and especially achieve a good first movie.
"B.C. Butcher" is a slasher of just fifty-one minutes long, or better to say it is the first slasher of prehistory, funded in part by “Troma”, partly by a crowfunding and director's waitress work. Shot in 16 mm, it certainly does not try to revive the Italian genre cinema, and not even the US masterpiece (though a source of inspiration is "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), but it definitely heading to camp humor and beach movies.
In its short length, it dispenses demented scenes and a vague slasher story with very special handcraft effects and a set that don’t goes far from the home backyard. In ours personal opinion, it remembers more than beach movies, those silly movies of the sixties, those of Byron Mabe and David Friedman to name two of the many names, but without tits.
The demented story tells of a tribe of women who justice one of them. A monstrous troglodyte finds the corpse, falls in love and begins to avenge by killing the tribe. The monster is interpreted no less than by Dwayne Johnson who with Kato Kaelin and Kadeem Hardison is one of the most famous names of this fast and crazy movie that only "Troma" could propose.