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Barb Wire

What an interesting man is Luis Enrique Vergara, producer and author, who deserves more fame among the fanatics of the b movies. Between action and horror, he worked in the world of cinema for several years, working with Boris Karloff and the legendary El Santo. Moreover, it is precisely from the union of Enmascarado de La Plata, which fights for justice against all sorts of evil and the "Filmica Vergara", born an episode of El Santo's adventures, rather original. The director is the Spanish José Diaz Morales who fled to Mexico during the civil war and become faithful collaborator of Vergara, who direct also other films with El Santo. The expert and trustworthy Rafael García Travesi the story with Fernando Osés as usual who as often happens, is also the antagonist.

A granite crew that keeps us walking in time and gives us a new genesis of our El Santo. All true. Here, they certainly do not spare the originality that brings us into a movie that enjoys pleasantly. However, if there was a free field on the plot, on the budget, on the other hand, they try, as always, to use a few things in the best way. Re-used sets, footage of lucha libre, pretty ridiculous sets, and we can also say technical equipment not so much good, at least to see some blurry images. Balance, however, as well as from situations never seen, even from El Santo that we see from behind without a mask (but it is an another actor and not the good Guzman) that finally reveals love feelings. Moreover, it is a good thing, we can say, because it is unthinkable that such a macho hero would not be attracted to women.

The ax that cuts in the opening credit in half the name of the producer and director is, as the title lets us guess, union trait of the whole story as well as the weapon of the bad.

We are in 1603 with a group of monks who buried a certain "El Santo". Immediately after a hooded person who is the Encapuchado Negro (ie Fernando Osés) goes to the tomb and promises revenge for centuries and centuries. Let's go back to the sixties and El Santo is fighting with certain Lobo Negro when Encapuchado Negro appears on the ring and tries to kill our hero. This is the beginning of the adventures of El Santo, which first tries to escape the ambush of the enemy and also tells to the  his girlfriend Alicia who loves her but feels that there is another woman he has always loved (a great nice excuse!). In addition, in fact, there is a woman named Isabel, who was the beloved of El Santo in the 1600s. Reincarnated Isabel saves him often, while his friend Dr.Zanoni, who is actually a magician in the 1600, helps him to reveal any mystery. Moreover, ours travels over time, in the past and then back to the present, fights the bad guys and finally puts it in place, giving eternal peace to his beloved Isabel.


Summing up a plot of a film from El Santo is always difficult. Moreover, here as there would never be so many scenes to tell, so many absurd moments, like the fact that our sleeps dressed and masked. However, it is better to see this funny and very imaginative film that can even further focus on the heroism of the lucha libre myth.