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Barb Wire

Pamela Anderson, who at the time added Lee to her surname, shows her boobs on the opening credits, and consoles us about the fact that "Barb Wire" anticipates the current and tragic US political situation. We are in 2017, democracy no longer exists and the country is under martial law. Apart from predicting two civil wars, we can say that we are not far from reality. And Anderson's tits at the top of his career are also the best thing of an action/post nuke movie that, after a convincing start, consisting of a couple of action scenes, torture and a music scene, is lost in one tidal wave. In addition we don’t see Pamela's tits anymore.

Inspired by the homonymous comic this film directed by David Hogan and written by Ilene Chaiken and Chuck Pfarrer (whose careers have had more interesting developments) has a saturated  and good photography and lots of action scenes, some of which are not bad. Hogan, however, is obliged (we can guess for commercial and contractual reasons) to underline Pamela Anderson presence in every scene, almost like Playboy's video. Bath in the foam included. And no, it's not a bad thing to see, but after half an hour the thing gets stucco, is boring with Anderson always in very skinny clothes.

Apart from that, the main problem of this movie is a modest story that is gradually losing its mood and slamming into a series of incredible trivia, sublimate with a hallucinating romantic flashback. Cracked by all, public and critics, "Barb Wire" can boast the victory of three "Razzies" (two of Anderson's) and a nomination for the best action scene at the MTV movie awards.

A series of actors and actresses we have seen in TV series, accompany the beautiful Pamela who appears dancing (and as saying showing something) in the opening scene. She is Barb Wire's former name Barbara Topeski, who after fleeing from the army opened a bar at Steel Harbor, the only free city in the nation-. There is a war between a kind of Nazi faction and the rebels while she work as mercenary saving and / or killing people.

One day, however, returns to her the former boyfriend, who in addition to reopening the old wounds of her heart offers her a fundamental job of restoring democracy. So Pamela begins to fight in her skin dresses, showing amazing cunning skills and strength, like the best American heroes.

If it was directed by Andy Sidaris, we were here to talk about another funny action movie. Instead this is an overwhelming job, but, we must admit that even in 2017 see Pamela is always nice.