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Europe in the raw

Europeans are so filthy! Wherever you go they do something obscene. Also in Florence, Pisa and Venice. To say that there is the Master of big boobs, the great Russ Meyer, who realizes a kind of Mondo Movie, at the end of his "nudie cutie" period.
Not an attempt to stigmatize European culture but a tribute to a continent that the American director knew well (for being in Germany during World War II) and above all a tribute, as always, to female shapes.
It should be said, however, that unlike the poster announcing a "Nudity Galore", here, we see only tits (and road signs). Sometimes dancing sometimes on the move, shown with the usual quick, ironic eye of the great Russ Meyer.
"Europe in the Raw" is a general test for the most ambitious and famous "Mondo Topless" of 1965, which has scenes from this and other films. "Europe in the Raw" is not a memorable film; however, it’s nice and entertains the audience.

The basic idea is very simple. There is a cameraman who we never see in the face that puts a camera inside a leather bag and begins to turn Europe taking various hot situations and explaining how things work. The tour for the old continent touches several cities that over the years have not lost their fame. There is Paris of course, there is Amsterdam and her prostitutes, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Nice, Hamburg with the legendary St.Pauli neighborhood and more. There is also Italy with Florence, Venice, Portofino and Pisa, on whose tower we also hear an explanation of the work done to support it. What do these Italian cities do in a movie so hard to say, but perhaps Meyer wanted to give a touch of warmth by balancing the north-central Europe with the South.
Actually shot in part in the cities mentioned and partly in the US as “abroad” set is a movie that is nicer than "Mondo Topless" thanks to a lighter aura. In any case, those always talking about tits and Meyer know how to do it well.