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El Bar

After watching this movie I did not go into a bar anymore because I'm afraid to end up in a story like this. This is a story that exasperates modern hysteria, fears, doubts, lack of trust in institutions, and the deviation of the same.
The genius of Alex De La Iglesia once again shows his extraordinary ability to read the society of the moment, to shake it fiercely and to
laugh about, putting the story into a surreal ambience between horror and thriller. It can be said that he wrote the screenplay with the faithful Jorge Guerricaechevarría, when there was "And Then There Were None" on his bedside table, or in any case after review the
"Locked Room" structure. In addition, we can say that as always, he tells us everything with a suggestive technique and a skill (always) undisputed. We are in Madrid (and where otherwise?) And more precisely in the always-loved neighborhood of Malasaña, where the bar
"El Palentino" becomes the model (and subsequently the place of the film's presentation) for the bar of title, rebuilt in the studio. While the nearby Plaza de los Mostenses is the outdoor set.
In this bar, as the title suggests, events break out. A series of situations involve some characters that represent the present society. The young hipster with huge beard, braces and headphones. The beautiful girl in career in search love and above all of a battery charger. A middle-aged woman who plays only at slot machines. A rigid man with a briefcase. A mad clochard. Finally the owner of the restaurant and the bartender.
They are all introduced by the titles that with that in retrospect explain us a bit the story and a series of long takes that lead with strong irony the protagonists inside "El Bar". Between coffees, one of the customers comes out and is shot by someone we do not see. A sniper maybe. Soon this little group of six people understands that they are trapped. Mobile phones do not work and news speaks only about a fire in the area. However, what happened? An attack of which one of the present is guilty? Or maybe the Isis? A robbery? Or more simply the police forget to clear the bar too? All these doubts trigger a strong quarrel in the group that grows when a strange man sick or hit by a virus leaves the bathroom. The clash (and accusations) within the group reach very high levels of hysteria and everyone is trying to save himself.
The second part of the movie is even more claustrophobic than the first one (we are in the cellar of the bar with less characters) with a drop like almost all the films of Alex De La Iglesia that resumes in an good ending that once again emphasizes the critic skills of the director.

An Alex De La Iglesia idefinitely inspired and as always great behind the camera, in a film that reaches the goals. Sometimes heavy, suffocating and above all capable of uncovering all of our hypocrisies.
The cast is made up of trusted and good actors in the De La Iglesia/Almodovar sphere. There is the beautiful Blanca Suárez, an unknowable Marco Casas, Carmen Machi, Secun de la Rosa, Jaime Ordóñez and Jordi Aguilar. In addition, if you find such group at "El Bar" is definitely synonymous of an adventure that cannot fail.