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It’s a bit 'a paradox, that Russ Meyer has hit his biggest commercial success with a film that has a simple structure and a simple plot. No strange story. No Nazis or twists. A film that uses only two busty girls: the protagonist and a shoulder.
We have just entered in the “Pop” period ", started with "Mondo Topless" and continued with "Good Morning ... and Goodbye!", "How Much Loving Does a Normal Couple Need?" and "Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!" but we are still in an era when all the characteristics of this phase are yet to give their best.
Meyer which of course was not a novice had ideas already quite clear. P.O.V of big boobs, fast scenes, use of colors and an uncontrollable desire to laugh. As we shall see in the next films by the director, sex is funny (incest too), the betrayal is a pastime and violence is not scary. In "Vixen!" the American director speak about communism, racism and human rights
It is not a masterpiece but it is a pleasant and entertaining film that leaves the dusty town America for the green Canada.
The protagonist is the beautiful nymphomaniac Vixen married to Tom Palmer, pilot of airplanes. She enjoys a lot with anyone, even enjoying the blind trust of poor Tom. A couple who ask for hospitality is seduced. The guy at the river while fishing, then girl at home. Vixen also seduces her brother and the only one with whom she hasn’t sex is Niles a black guy
Obstacle a black boy, Niles, called Rufus for contempt. Implacable our Vixen! One day a Scottish man rents Tom’s aircraft and convinces Niles to flee to Havana, where also black people have right. Hilarious scene in which the Scot and Niles hijack the small plane and ending with the boy that changes his ideas stuns the Scottish man and earn the esteem (only this) of Vixen.
Seventy-six thousand dollars of budget for a film shot in Arizona which grossed twenty-four million dollars and was produced by Russ and Eve Meyer. Erica Gavin, dancer at a strip club, gets the part by answering an ad in "Variety" and then we see her again with Meyer in "Beyond the valley of the dolls" and other films, before retiring and start a designer career in Los Angeles. Garth Pillsbury and Harrison Page (Tom and Niles), are the other two actors playing the main roles, creating good characters with a story written by Meyer and the loyal Robert Rudelson.
"Vixen!" was heavily censored and was among the first to get "Rated X" classification. With irony and sarcasm Meyer faced numerous trials that he called "persecutors" and different manifestations of dissent out of the cinemas. And according to legend, it seems that censorship sent a photographer to file viewers.
All things that in the end have certainly led to the success this fun movie by the boso maniac director