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L'insegnante va in collegio

The scene is one that you can forget for ever. Edwige speak in English to her students while she is stripping. The students reply with a choir “Bona! Bona!” (Trivial version of “beautiful”).
It is the sign that the second film of the "Teachers" subgenre takes the distance from the previous and it is looking for an easier and more immediate way. Too much easy to say the truth. Mariano Laurenti, who takes Cicero's place as director, always works on a screenplay by Francesco Milizia who seems he doesn’t wants to take risks by taking all the canvas of the genre. More action (so to speak) more gags, but less surprises and actually less funny moments because everything is already seen, likes the characters, replicated by the same good actors and characters. The "shower joke" (the scientific name enunciated by scientist Vitali Alvaro), explained in detail and immediately planned against our Queen Edwige, accompanies the usual slaps, farts, oral test in playback, and misunderstanding.
We cannot say that "L’insegnante va in collegio" does not work because the genre gives us always this kind of story but certainly does not surprise leaving room for the beauty of Edwige (as always) and the skills of the actors start with the good Renzo Montagnani with his "Ohhh Diooo!" and the Italian/Pugliese of Banfi.
From Cefalù we move to Puglia (some scenes shot at Martina Franca) where the entrepreneur of the north Riccardo Bolzoni (Montagnani) moved with the whole family, with the secretary Peppino (Lino Banfi) the lover (the beautiful Nikky Gentile the only new face) to escape the kidnappings. While pretending to be poor, he goes on with the same vices of all time, betrays his wife and then falls in love with his son's English teacher, which is useless to say, is Edwige Fenech.
It is also worth remembering that in the end it is the son Carlo (Leo Colonna) who stole the heart of the teacher helped by his schoolmates (Alvaro Vitali, Lucio Montanaro) and obstructed by the usual professor (Gianfranco D'Angelo). The father, however, loses both the lover and the wife who flees with the secretary Peppino.
Nothing new, but the stripping scene deserves to see it.