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Trust in your work is almost all. If we looks at the long opening credits of “L’Umanoide", we see names like Corinne Clery, Richard Kiel, Arthur Kennedy, Barbara Bach, Ivan Rassimov, Massimo Serato and Leonard Mann. That is, not some unknown newcomers. And with those words running in "Star Wars" style, it's automatic to think that this film directed by George B. Lewis, of course an American director, is a sci-fi that can be almost good as the Lucas’ one
recently released at time. Not to mention that here the music were composed by a certain Ennio Morricone.
Even the first few minutes are not bad at all, yes ok, there is a man dress like Darth Vader, but is not a problme. The problem is that the moments when we say "is not a problem" and shut our eyes became more and more every minutes.
George B. Lewis is not an American director but is our Aldo Lado, assisted in some scenes by Enzo G. Castellari. The story, however, lies in tedious situations, even predictable, and some moments seem to anticipate "Spaceballs" by Mel Brooks, with characters like the staring hero interpret by Mann, the small "asian Jedi" and the robot, at the limit of parody. Special mention for the dog version of R2-D2, who here do nothing more than barking, showing colorful lights and reminding us of the "Emiglio Robot" a successful toy by “Giochi Preziosi”.
For the rest, it is legitimate to wonder why Ennio Morricone has composed the music and why, so well-known actors have ended up in this very home-based version of "Star Wars". For their stroke of luck Ivan Rassimov remains hidden behind a crafty  helmet of Darth Vader and Corinne Clery, really bored, shows her beauty in a few scenes, leaving to Barbara Bach, imprisoned in a tight dress, the role of the beautiful (but bad).
It's not all bad here. Because we have to recognize that here is a great search for costumes and sets compared to other similar works (ie, the poor copies of "Star Wars"). And there is an honorable attempt to make the special effects credible that works good with laser beams but less with everything else seeing also the use of many models.
The clan of the underworld who always dress in black is headed by Lord Graal (Ivan Rassimov) brother of the great Intergalactic Governor "Big Brother" of Metropolis (cite something at random!) interpreted by Massimo Serato. Graal flees from a jail and joins the crazy scientist Dr.Kraspin (Arthur Kennedy) also escaped from prison, who is helping to keep alive the beautiful and useless Lady Agatha (Barbara Bach) through blood transfusions taken with poor female victims. Among other things, he also wants to kill Barbara Gibson (Corinne Clery) who seems a bored civil servant of the future, while perhaps she is an astute teacher/psychiatrist. Who knows.
The three plan to dominate the universe, of course, stealing the Kappatron a potent nuclear substance capable of transforming anyone into fearsome humanoid soldiers. Theft succeeds and they test Kappatron on poor Golob (Richard Kiel) that becomes a huge evil and powerful soldier.
They are on the right way to conquer the universe? Of course not. Barbara is the teacher of a small Asian child with an unpronounceable name, which becomes Tom Tom for friends but who is actually a kind of Jedi that is also helped by two mysterious, but stylish archers, appearing in the right moments. Then there is Nick the Ian Solo of the situation (Leonard Mann and who else?) and the good ones are also joins by Golob and his "Emiglio" robot torn from the dark side by Tom Tom's mental powers.
Battles, firing, put everything in their place.