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When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Prehistory as we all imagined. Beautiful women in skinny dresses, muscle and bearded men to envy the hipster. The problem is that the blonde-haired women were sacrificed to the God of Sun (what a waste!), but for the rest it was always a party, at least up to the intrusion of some dinosaur that bite the persons.
Four lines are enough, if it needs to understand that the goal of this wonderful Hammer Films’ movie was certainly not to recall a historic period but to do some action with a sexy contest. Therefore, the faithful Val Guest writes and directs a very funny movie, part of a small prehistoric genre of the English company, which for once stays away from Dracula, mummies and various Frankenstein.
Scenes shot in the studio a little bit funny (memorable that of the raft, where someone out of the scene draws buckets of water to the actors) historical anachronism but also special effects well done by Jim Danforth who moves in stop-motion the dangerous dinosaurs, earning a Oscar nomination.
Also on the level of the interpreters, it seems that nothing has been left to chance, because we find as protagonist Victoria Vetri, also known as Angela Dorian, Playmate of 1967 and later actor considered among the most beautiful of the period. Alongside Robin Hawdon, who we have seen in "Zeta One" and a number of trusted actors such as Drewe Henley, Magda Konopka, Patrick Holt, Imogen Hassall and many more.
A film that could not fail, and in fact it has had a huge audience success, despite the dialogues are only a prehistoric gramelot and despite having (but speaking with the eyes of a modern viewer) some boring moments.
A great entertainment, like most of Hammer's films, tells us the adventures of some tribes of prehistory. One of these would like to sacrifice three blonde-haired women to the Sun God, but one of them Sanna (Victoria Vetri) manages to escape and is rescued by another tribe, especially from the handsome Tara (Robin Hawdon). She goes to live with them, but she is hated by the group of women of the tribe especially by a certain Ayak (Imogen Hassall). This is just the beginning of the adventures that develops between murders, fights (beautiful scene at sea and with the carnivorous plant), dinosaurs’ raids, man hunting and planet disaster.
Sanna goes around the jungle also makes friends with a small dinosaur before she enthusiasts the public with a topless bath and a love scene in a cave with her beloved Tara. Scenes cut in different versions that circulated at the time.
Shot at Fuerteventura.