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Blood Mania

Those beautiful surprises that we like so much. When you are watching a movie that has a bad title like "Blood Mania" with a director who arrives at the last minute and you don’t have any hopes, but in the end, you realize you're in front of a more than good "B movie". Victoria Waterman instead doesn’t like surprises, she became crazy when discover that her old father gives to her only the house and nothing else. She becomes hysterical, she goes crazy and then she loses her head because she count on that inheritance and among other things she even killed her old and disabled father, causing a heart attack and giving him a smile like Joker.
Well the money is important for her, but they were mostly to satisfy her thirst of sex, the unbridled fun she shows since the early scenes. Then she promised to pay back the debt of Dr.Craig Cooper, a doctor who follows her father’s health who is blackmailed by a lousy figure who manages to have sex with Cooper's busty girlfriend promising to reset his debt. Promise not kept. Therefore, Cooper tries to convince Victoria's sister, the blonde and innocent Gail, the one who has inherited everything, to pay his debt. All under the suspicious eyes of Gail’s, governess Kate and the nice nurse Turner who, thanks to her sympathy, also receives a piece of inherit.
Well what to say? Behind this work, there is Peter Carpenter who writes, produces, distributes and interprets Dr.Craig Cooper. We saw him in "Vixen!" the most important moment of a short career interrupted by death in the early seventies in mysterious circumstances. Here he creates the first of two movies where he does everything (the other is "Point of Terror") and claims to be inspired by Hitchcock but also having known the cinema thanks to Meyer (all according to IMDB sources). Which, if true, could explain the presence of sex scenes and many tits, and the superfluous but delightful presence of Cheryl (Cooper's girlfriend) interpreted by redhead Reagan Wilson protagonist of some TV shows and photographic set. She is in good company because we can say that at the female side "Blood Mania" is not bad at all thanks to Canadian Maria De Aragon (Victoria) and Vicky Peters (Gail) who became Playmate in 1972.
The story could be more incisive and having more thrillers moments, but is limited to supporting the perversions and then the madness of the protagonist and Cooper's plans.
For its genre is a really funny movie and above all it has a direction that gives some good moments. Robert Vincent O'Neill, who came to direct at the last minute, author of some interesting thriller / horror (for this site we mean) has some happy intuition that raises the final product but is often cut down by a butcher's editing.
Shot in a house owned by Bela Lugosi in the past, which must have helped the b movie result, is really a nice movie.