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Acapulco, prima spiaggia... a sinistra

The right title is "Horn Dog", much more representative of “Acapulco, prima spiaggia…a sinistra” (literally "Acapulco, First Beach ... to the Left") or "Facciamo del nostro peggio", the working title. In any case, Sergio Martino once again shows his great versatility and ability to be in the right place at the right time, because this 1983 comedy comes out almost simultaneously with Vanzina's "Sapore di Mare", which seems to be parody, with Emilia Romagna setting.
Absolute protagonists are the Bolognese comedy duo Gigi Sammarchi and Andrea Roncato, better known as Gigi and Andrea already famous thanks to the TV and some films (Andrea Roncato in this same year gives life to the mythical Loris Batacchi in "Fantozzi subisce ancora").
It is the first time that they are at the centre of a story where they have enough room for all their gags which is, however, the pride and defect of this film. The two are funny, there are gags well studied, the opening song is silly but catchy, but the story is nothing more than a set of sketches glued to each other about girls and money, which at the end seems a little repetitive. It is however their best movie moment.
Gigi and Andrea are two thirty years old (they had a few more years in reality) who live with their parents and are always without money. Two mama’s boy in short.
In addition to wanting to go on in some exotic locations for holydays, they aim to have as many girls as possible. The results are poor, as the money, but the words are so many. They
Recount each other’s great adventures of sex and money, also trying to convince their friends.
No Acapulco at the end, but a small hotel in Cesenatico, owned by the aunt of one of them who give them the worst hole in the structure. The two do not deny, they look for girls in every way, but they always fail. Defeated, they come back to Bologna for Ferragosto and there they have a pleasant surprise.
Boobs here and there, many double senses and most famous running joke of the couple.
In addition to the Bolognese comedians this movie has a cast of excellent characters and shoulders. There are Giorgio Trestini, Annabella Schiavone, Adriana Innocenti, Mirella Banti, Miss Italia Anna Kanakis, the great Jimmy Il Fenomeno, a cameo for Serena Grandi and Simona Marchini then known for a very popular TV show. Not to forget the sexy role of Gegia that is worth watching this film, considering that the nice actress from Puglia has shaped her career on a totally different style.