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Fear the Walking Dead

Little sad story of disappointed hopes. It's from February 2016 that I watch with strong interest “Fear the Walking Dead” the spin-off of "The Walking Dead," because I hope to see an event that adds something to the saga of the award-winning AMC Company. But nothing happens.
I have to say that it is not my fault or my spasmodic desire to see where human evil can go or how the zombies can eat the "dead walking", but the fault is of those who created the expectation and instilled the false hopes. Because I remember that "Fear the Walking Dead" was announced as a prequel of his older brother and that it must be a series investigating the causes of this invasion. This made me think of a medical-zombie drama. And nothing. Yet.
I'm sorry if I take a step back a bit, but so I can better express my discomfort for have lost so many minutes of life to follow these events.
The first series is very convincing. Only six episodes, set in a big city, (we are in Los Angeles, unlike Rick's and friends who are mostly in Georgia's forests) and with more in-depth characters that, as always, have to include a lot of society. So no one gets pissed off. And we have the inevitable family with Madison (Kim Dickens who does not miss a series) her partner Travis (Cliff Curtis) and her sons, a boy named Nick (Frank Dillane), a junkie with an resemblance to Johnny Deep and who leave drug, without problems, and the beautiful (very beautiful) Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). Ah, there is also the Travis’ son, a rebellious adolescent, absolutely useless in the story.
Then there is Victor an elegant black man, which later we learn he is gay (so they can say that there is the whole society), played by good Colman Domingo and finally another family, this time Hispanic who soon remains the father and daughter with him, actor Rubén Blades, who has done everything in his life, whose character is actually a former torturer of a Latin American regime. And since there are only six episodes, everything is much focused, intense and I know that soon they will say something new. Oh, but nothing, in the end! But no problem, I think, the second season will surprise me.
Instead, the second series extends to fifteen episodes and becomes the West Coast version of "The Walking Dead," with the usual group of survivors trying to live. Sometimes they speak Spanish and so this is a product for the great Hispanic community and for Mexicans. Trump’s bullshit permitting. But there is nothing new under the sun of the Mexico /USA border and above all in TV.

I have no hopes for the third season. But I watch it because maybe I miss the twist? In fact, a little mystery is revealed to us, a very small thing, and for the rest, nothing new.
Madison and her companions, apart from losing a few important pieces, bring death to every place they take refuge. Like Rick "Grimey" Grimes, but it must be said that Madison is described with much less hypocrisy. Here they destroy a vast ranch inhabited by a man (veteran Dayton Callie) and his crazy soon who helps many people. Not happy they cause death in the nearby Indian camp as well as any good American, knock a Mexican dictator at the head of a dyke creating more damage than anything else.
The final of the season is a complete craziness. A silly thing as Alicia closed in a hermetic warehouse with other people is the only one who does not die due to lack of oxygen. Then they give us the local version of Michonne and above all a poor Negan version.
The latter leader a group of biker had a surgery without anaesthesia for a back tumour. He gets up, after the operation and led his men to the dyke, but we can forget that he is a poor Negan version.
And so, with a few special explosive effects in the last episode, the third season ends, without telling us something new. The audience have noticed and the share decrease too much that the author think about a crossover with "The Walking Dead" that already does not pass well.
Bah, if I were the AMC I would close everything. I would bury walking dead (I hope you appreciate the joke) because apart from being a story for the Hispanic audience, it tells us the same things, with the same dynamics and the same rhetoric. The style is obviously the same ad "The Walking Dead" and therefore, it is only a copy of a series already in crisis.
Instead, in April has been announced a fourth series that has apparently resisted the collapse of this and that has announced in these days major changes.
Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg from "Once upon a Time" will become show runners in place of Dave Erickson and Scott M. Gimple, producer and author of "The Walking Dead", joins the crew.
But it does not end there, because Garret Dillahunt a great fan of the saga and above all of Jenna Elfman we remember for "Dharma & Greg" will be in the cast.
Finally, it seems that this cirque moves to Texas, Houston, where it could cross Graham the character of "The Walking Dead". You know? Zombies never die, but somebody finds the way to put a stone on them.