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Secret Agent 777

The object of desire is so extraordinary that it will surely give us twists, shootings, explosions and many more. Think about that: Prof.Keller has synthesized a chemical formula capable of rejuvenating human cells and that can also bring the dead back to life without contraindications if taken within two hours of death. Fantastic. Unfortunately, however, his formula is based on nuclear energy and because (for scripture reasons) the process cannot remain secret, if someone steals it, could easily produce nuclear power and build the usual atomic bombs to dominate the world.
Is everything very impressive isn’t? If we add that our protagonist, Dr. Baladin (Mark Damon) appears to us while he is water skiing in Lebanon before has sex with blonde, already lover of his Greek patient, who maliciously lets us see her shapes, and we can say that "Secret Agent" promises well. Very well. And in addition there is a kind of lightness at the limits of parody.
But the good things end here. Because the rest is a slow and static movie, who gives a few fights, no explosions, few pretty nice woman, but nothing else, maybe because the budget is gone in a trip to Lebanon or in car hire. Or perhaps because Arpad DeRiso and Giovanni Scolaro, expert authors of genre cinema, forget a few things that are fundamental to the Eurospy genre. Like to put a few scenes like James Bond and above all include a Secret Agent, who should be the Agent 777, but that really is not there and is never mentioned. Because Dr. Baladin hero of the story is very cleaver, attractive and martial arts expert, but remains a doctor, former Keller student, who brings us into the mystery/thriller with sentimental and ironic nuances.
Baladin investigates who stole the formula at Keller’s lab. A kind of Sherlock Holmes who, among other things, does not have much to look for, because the formula was only available to members of the Keller team.
Enrico Bomba who signs Henry Bay and tries with Eurospy with another Adventure of Agent 777, before switching to other genres, does not even commit much to the camera. But it shows a morbid fixation for the phone and music numbers all sung in a club by Franca Duccio.
An incredibly missed opportunity, because as we know, we are in the best time of the genre, with such rich productions that can make the tour of the Mediterranean. There is nothing other to cling to a cast lead by Mark Damon, accompanied by Stellio Candelli, Isarco Ravaioli and other actors genres of cinemas.