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Immagini di un Convento

Middle Ages. In the garden of a convent there is a statue with horns and goatee, very demonic, called the statue of "The Unknown God". The convent itself is built on a pagan temple. And the nuns who live there are young, beautiful, had big boobs and a marble body. They didn’t wear underwear, just a kind of stockings.
Behind the camera is Joe D'Amato, who also is the cinematographer and at this point is useless to explain what happens there.
If you didn’t understand in the convent explode a sexual fury that spares no one. . A fury fueled by the evil spirit of the statue awakens from slumber, among other things with a funny sound effect "buhaaaaa", when in the convent comes Isabella (Paola Senatore), a young libertine forced to a vote, but contrary to the priesthood.

And here are the sisters roam the monastery and others cells, with childish excuses, in the grip of irresistible sexual instincts. That's also physical punishments that become sadomasochistic games and end with lesbian scenes. Already it’s enough, but D'Amato as we know loves go further so that in this context also put a man. A traveler, a young and handsome, which is none other than the devil himself, who aims, explicitly, to have sex as many nuns possible.

Which is still lacking in "Imagini di un Convento"?  Of course an exorcist!. The convent sends a nun calling the eminent exorcist. She is raped and murdered in the woods by two thugs. He arrives the same monastery thanks to his sixth sense and begins to bless everything and everyone pulling in the midst of the nuns at the height of the ardor that will eventually attack the man. But there is Paola Senatore. Isabella goes to bed with the devil/wanderer and kills him. For a while 'and I say for a while' the sisters are placing their boobs under his cassock.

1979’s "Nunsplotation" obviously inspired by "Interno di un convento " by Borowczyk, a year earlier. A reference which is limited to the title, because if the film by the Polish director is a cross between art house and nunsploitation, D'Amato’s one, without hypocrisy, pointing to hard. And in fact the hard moments are not lacking with the Swedish Marina Hedman (Lothar or Frajese if you prefer) starred in a porn scene, not added (as usual) in post production, but shot by the same D'Amato. A scene that put this film among the pioneers of Italian porn.

Not that the rest is for the prime time, because there are different scenes created ad hoc, only to end with a little 'sex. So there are different "scult" scenes, such as the one as the forest one when a robber attacking the nun with the victim who flees naked before collapsing and dying a little farther. Also notable is the scene of the corridor with the blessing of the priest, while the nuns engage with masturbation.

As written thank goodness there is Paola Senatore, beautiful as always, here just before slipping into porn and various personal problems, lifting a bit 'the level of a D'Amato films not so important. And you know that to Massaccesi we forgive everything.