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Porci con la P38

I had a note on which it was written to find this movie. I had for a while and now I don’t remember why it was written. I don’t understand the meaning of the note, especially after seeing this film. Perhaps it was the title, the presence of Marc Porel, Laura Belli or Lea Leander or more likely that insane desire for trash that has always affected the authors of this site. Well, "Porci con la P 38" is a poliziottesco of 1978, of a certain Gianfranco Pagani credited in very few things on the encyclopaedic sites. Bruno Cortini instead the author of screenplay was the author of some other movie about holidays. Although it is wrong to judge people by
The curricula, we must say that here the absence of experience in the genre is a great gap, starting with the title that refers without hypocrisy to "Porci con le ali". This is nothing, however, the best we have with the Yankee setting in the names and objects, which do, however, clash with the typically Italian locations (perhaps Turin or Piedmont seeing the suppliers). Small houses and local vegetation, European cars, with a large use Fiat 131, dressed like US police vehicles. No skyscrapers, no highways.
"Porci con la P38" tries to live in the melting pot of crime/police films that, in addition to great masterpieces, has created a series of cinematic aberrations. And this is proudly part of it, since we have the struggle of the local bosses to take power after the abdication (and death) of the old king and the usual iron commissioner with a sad life and tough manners.
Marc Porel is Lieutenant Morris, whose goal in life is to catch the bad guys in a good or bad way (above all). Like all the characters of the genre, his life is sad: his wife was killed by some gangsters, leaving him alone with his daughter Paola and his new partner Gloria (Laura Belli).
Morris finds himself entangled in the fierce boss fight, in which the mysterious Lea Leander moves. Between a murder and other criminals dispense drugs to girls who are stripped and squeezed giving us the inevitable amount of boobs.
Of course there is a lot of action, a lot of blood and also an excellent soundtrack by Pino Caruso. Not to mention an expert cast who in addition to Porel, Leander and Belli, also has Luciano Pigozzi, Raymond Pellegrin, Gabriele Ferzetti and Giancarlo Sisti. Here is missing the skill, a good editor and the honesty to admit that we are in Italy and not in the USA.